Here is the latest on some of the potential Kovid-19 vaccines in development –

Here is the latest on some of the potential Kovid-19 vaccines in development

The healthcare worker uses a broom to collect a specimen at a temporary testing center for coronovirus in Spanish Basque city of Gatoria on 15 July. Ender Gillenia / AFP / Getty Image

Spain recorded 730 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, the highest number since May 8, data from the country’s Ministry of Health revealed on Wednesday. The total number of cases in Spain now stands at 267,551.

Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa confirmed on Wednesday that there were a total of 224 active outbreaks in the country, with “most of them under control, including one of Lelida that is now considered controlled.”

Director of the Center for Health Emergency, Fernando Simon, reported last week that new cases were increasingly associated with young people.

Kovid-19 from the county died two in the last 24 hours and 12 in the last seven days. A total of 28,426 people have died from coronaviruses in Spain.

Ignacio Aguedo, vice-president of Madrid’s regional government, said the regional government was considering mandating masks at all public places in the capital. Madrid and the Canary Islands are the only two regions in the country where masks are not mandatory if security distances are respected.

The regional government’s health councilor will meet with the health minister on Thursday to debate ways to prevent the spread of the virus, including measures for Madrid’s airport.

“The new measures in Madrid will depend on the outcome of that meeting,” Aguado said.