Here is Microsoft Flight Simulator in World of Warcraft

If you have the World of Warcon and want to check out Microsoft Flight Simulator, but can’t, there is a way to bring the experience of the aircraft to an MMORPG game.

A Reddit user by the name of Fumbleturkey has designed a Warcraft user simulator, using the UI-editing mod WeakAuras. You have your own cockpit, complete with dial and read-outs, a first-person view, and some embellishments, demonstrating adaptive power. Fumbleturkey’s flight begins on a runway, and takes a lap before landing in a structure to deal with some enemies, then they ride a horse and gallop back to the ground level. Sometimes you need a plane, sometimes you need a horse.

The beauty is goofy, far from the sleek realism of the flight simulator, but it is part of the charm. This is really just a meme, but it demonstrates the ability to use WeakAuras to bend World of Warcraft for an experience that is not necessary for it. Earlier, Fumbleturkey did first-person combat using the tool, and it worked remarkably well, so a lot of the potential remains unused.

One commentator points out that this is the kind of left field content that emerges as a new WoW expansion, and sure enough, it’s happening as World of Warcraft: Shadowlands release date draws closer. The expansion is bringing a long list of changes, so we made a list of the best things to do in WoW before being the Shadowlands.

You can watch Fumbleturkey’s test flight here:

I can’t buy Microsoft’s delicious flight simulator from r / wow

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