Here is how to temporarily repair the error High Sierra macOS that grants full administrator access to your Mac. Password without password


A recently discovered error in macOS High Sierra enables the root superuser on a Mac with a blank pbadword and no security check, which basically gives everyone full access to their Mac.

It is likely that Apple is already working on a solution, but in the meantime, there is a temporary solution: enable the root user with a pbadword. That is how:

  1. Open the System Preferences.
  2. Choose Users and Groups.
  3. Click on the padlock to make changes.
  4. Enter your administrator name and pbadword.
  5. Click on "Login Options".
  6. Choose "Join" at the bottom of the window.
  7. Select "Open directory utility".
  8. Click on the padlock to make changes and enter your username and pbadword.
  9. At the top of the menu bar, select "Edit".
  10. Select "Enable root user".

From there, you can enter a pbadword for the root user account, which prevents access with a blank pbadword, which is what allows the current error to occur. .

Disabling the root user account again follows the same steps, but in the "Edit" part of the process, you will select "Disable root user" to remove the option. However, until the error is fixed, you will want to leave the root user account intact to prevent it from being accessed without a pbadword.

To further protect your Mac, you can also disable guest accounts, although this is not a necessary step with a root pbadword enabled. Guest accounts can be disabled by going to System Preferences> Users and Groups and choosing "Guest User" after entering your administrator pbadword. Disable "Allow guests to log in to this computer."

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