Here are the states where Kenye is on the West Ballet –

Here are the states where Kenye is on the West Ballet

Rapper becomes presidential candidate Kanye WestKanye Omari Westkini West Fails to Make Ballot in Three States Wisconsin Rejects Kannai West’s Petition Kannot West Tries to Vote for President in Tennessee, Fails in Montana Getting on with it Long shot For the White House, he is becoming even more challenging as he struggles to get his name on the ballot for November.

since Declaration of his candidature In July, West completed requirements to get his name on the ballot in just five states: Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont.

He has pending applications in Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Tennessee.

The deadline to file as an independent has not yet been passed in 11 states.

But the West certainly won’t be on the ballot in about 30 states. He missed the deadline of 25 of them, including swing states like Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin, As well as the District of Columbia.

In Illinois, Montana, Ohio and West Virginia, he failed to convert enough Valid signature – In Illinois, Less than half Were valid in Montana, while officials acknowledged Only one third.

Despite the mathematical impossibility of garnering the 270 electoral votes needed to win, and the recent turnout showing his support at just 2 percent, some voters say he could still do some damage to the Democratic presidential nominee Huh Joe BidenJoe Bidenhouse Passes B Bill To Promote Postal Service Trump Tries To End Support Among Women.

Democratic pollster Terrence Woodbury said millennial voters and black voters who feel abandoned by the Democratic Party have turned to the West.

“There is a desperation and cynicism towards the Democratic Party,” Woodbury said.

A Politico / Morning Consulting poll released earlier this month found the West with 2 percent support nationally. Among Black respondents, they received 2 percent support, including 4 percent Hispanics. His highest support, 6 percent, was among Generation Z voters.

As a Trump supporter, West said in an interview earlier this month “No denial” His campaign wants to hurt Biden’s candidacy.


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