Here are all the winners from the 2020 GLAAD Media Awards

On Thursday (July 30), the 31st annual GLAAD Media Awards took place, honoring LGBTQ visibility in music, film, television, journalism and more. Stars like Lil Nash X and Dolly Parton took home awards for their continued efforts to raise awareness for the LGBTQ community through their work.

See the full list of winners from the 2020 GLAAD Media Awards below.

Outstanding music artist: Lil perish x, 7 (Colombia)

Outstanding individual episodes (in a series w / o regular LGBTQ character): “Two doors down” Dolly Parton’s heartbeat (Netflix)

Excellent drama series: Pose (FX)

Super comic series: Shit creek (Pop)

Outstanding Film – Wide Release: book smart (United Artists release)

Outstanding Film – Limited Release: Rafiki (Film movement)

Outstanding TV Movie: Transparent: musical finale (Amazon)

Outstanding Limited Series: Tales of the city (Netflix)

Excellent Documentary: Proud state (Youtube)

Excellent Kids and Family Programming [TIE]: The bravest knight (Hulu) more High School Musical: Music: Series (Disney +)

Super reality program: Are you one (MTV)

Classic comic book: Star Wars: Doctor Chaos, Simon Sperrier, Emilio Laiso, Andrea Brocardo, Wilson Santos, Caspar Vinezard, Mark Deering, Don Ho, Walden Wong, Chris Bolson, Scott Hanna, Elsa Chariestier, Rachel Rosenberg, Chris O’Halloran, Stephen Petreau, Le Loriz, Edrogar Delgado , Jim Campbell, Joe Caramagn (Marvel Comics)

Outstanding video games: Outside world (Private division)

Outstanding Broadway Production: Inheritance, By Matthew Lopez

Outstanding variety or talk show episodes: “Jonathan Van Ness: Honey, that’s an onion that has all kinds of layers” The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS)

Excellent TV Journalism – Newsmagazine: “Am I next?” Trance and Target ” Nightline (Abc)

Excellent tv journalism section: “One-on-One with Mayor Pete Batigiag” Rachel Madavo Show (MSNBC)

Outstanding newspaper article“Military Reports No Discharge Under Trans Bain – But Advocates Have Douts” Chris Johnson (Washington blade)

Excellent magazine article: “The Trans Obesity Project” by Raquel Willisoutside) Excellent magazine overall coverage: lawyer

Excellent Digital Journalism Article“The Trump Administration for LGBT Couples: Your ‘Out of Weslock’ Kids Are Not Citizens” by Scott Bixby (

Excellent digital journalism – video or multimedia: “Stonewall 50: The Revolution” produced by Sekiya Dorset, Brooke Sopelsa, Elizabeth Kuhr, Shehzad Elghan, Wesley Oliver, Tim Fitzmins, Victor Limoco (NBC Out and Knightley Films)

Outstanding blog: My fantastic disease

Special recognition: special (Netflix)

Special recognition: Karen Okumb, former news editor, Los angeles blade

Special recognition: Mark Sehgal, Founder and Publisher, Philadelphia Gay News

Outstanding Spanish-language scripted television series: El Corzón Nunca C Equivoca (Univision)

Excellent Spanish-language TV journalism – Newsmagazine [TIE]: “Despuz de Stonewell” (CNN en Español) and “Orgullo” Despirata America (Univision)

Outstanding Spanish-language TV interview: “Como y Kyundo Salir del Claset” Un nuevo dia (Telemundo)

Outstanding Spanish-language TV journalism section: “Amor Sin Condison” Notio Univision 33 (Univision)

Outstanding Spanish-language digital journalism article: “Soy Gay Y Estoy Orguloso de Podar DeCarlo: Jorge Luis Martinez, patinador Mexicano” Por Villagran (GQ Mexico)

Excellent Spanish-language digital journalism – video or multimedia “América A Fondo: Brigitte Baptist, El Rostro de la (Bio) Divided” Por David Casasu (EFE)

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