Henetti: Democrats’ completely ‘excellent’ by the wisdom, remembrance and poetry of Amy Connie Barrett

Sean Amity said Tuesday that Judge Amy Connie Barrett “ran circles” with Democratic senators “around two days of the Supreme Court’s confirmation hearing,” and Honey Hannity.

The Fox News host said “he saw them as clearly stupid, monogamous, desperate”. “He unleashed the absolute hatred that now defines this new radical, insane and extreme democratic socialist party.”

Henetti pointed to an exchange in which Sen.-John Cornyn, R-Texas. Asked Barrett about his preparations and whether he had brought notes with the help of hours in grueling cases and made high-tech inquiries on judicial matters.

“You know that most of us have many notebooks and notes and books and things that are in front of us,” Cornyn said. “Can you catch what you’re referring to in answering our questions?”

Baroque vow to confirm “in every field” to hold elections before elections

With a smile, Barrett grabbed the empty notepad that had been placed in front of him.

“Is there anything on it?” Cornyn asked.

“Letterhead that says’ United States Senate,” the nominee responded unequivocally.

Amy Contest Barrett Face Pressure During Hearing, Response with Grass and Poise, Experts Say

Hannity praised Barrett’s confidence and “solid command of the facts,” which “completely excluded the Democrats,” [and] Completely deprecated. ”

“They are a little more entangled with the tents of a child’s temper in the performance theater, here and there,” he said, “His attack line is something we say” is clearly very familiar. ”

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However, the host warned, Senate Democrats would do anything and everything imaginable to block Judge Barrett’s confirmation.

We know the game plan. We all remember what he did for justice [Brett] Kavanugh and his family. ”

Fox News’ Stephen Soares contributed to this report.

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