Hendrix, Dominant, Kimbrel Mix History, Playoff Odds and other Cubs bits were

The Chicago Bears are chosen by most pundits to end at or near the bottom of the NFC North, below 500. Betting odds, in contrast, pretty much have them as 8-8 teams across the board. my? Oh, I’m a dope and think the defense is so good that they can win 9 or 10 games. I also think there’s a good chance to strap on Mitch Trubisky, with Nick Foles starting 12+ games this year, which I still suspect is probably better than sticking with Mitch. I’m happy to be wrong, but I think it’s going to happen. I think I haven’t seen anything for over 3+ years.

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• The nature of the game made it hard to appreciate at the moment, but last night Kyle Hendrick was brilliant – on the road! – and Ryan dominated the Brewers with the exception of a bad pitch for Braun (which came after a foul pop that Chris Bryant absolutely must be caught). Hendricks:

• Also: Not that you need to tell me that the statue of pitcher Win is worthless, but last night Jason Adam’s single strike gave him a “win” over Kyle Hendrick’s stunning 7.2 innings.

• Speaking of Adams, it was an important strike by Christian Yelich. One thing that Adam does very well is make sure that his elite fastball stays in the area you want. More on Adam and how the Cubs can steal a very good hand here.

• Craig Kimbrel looked good again last night, this time in a real save situation, yielding doubles singles to open the frame, both on good pitches. Keston Hiura got him for a solid solo, and Jedd Gyorko flipped (and broke) and his bat flared slightly to the right. It made things tense and tight, yes, but it didn’t say anything bad about Kimbrel’s performance. By the way, there was a save for Kimbre with a historic, Cubs connection:

Kimbrel’s record of relief appearances ends at 10. with at least two strikes, with only one strike in the inning.

• So is the Kimbrel closure again? I still don’t think, and think that Jeremy Jeffress’s back-to-back game last night (Ditto Rowan Vick) was the thing to be down after pitching. Kimbrel is clearly back in Faith’s late-starting circle, though (as he should be), as this team is in great need of late-starting options.

Last night with Cameron Maybin scratched with gastrointestinal issues, a listed symptom of COVID, protocol indicated he was likely to miss another day today while parting from the team and receiving additional testing. The Cubs have not announced anything like that – I’m just saying, how these things have progressed under the protocol. So, unless there is reason to be 100% certain that Maybin’s GI issues are something else, the Cubs can play a man again today.

• Friendship:

• It was silly, and the message was true again last night:

• I don’t know why the Cubs can’t touch Brent Soter at all, but he just owns them. I think he is great against everybody this year, but still. This is a long term issue.

• With last night’s win, the Cubs’ chances of making the playoffs in the FanGraphs increased to 99.6%. The Cubs are 78.6% to win the division and 19.9% ​​to finish second in the division. They only have a 1.0% chance of being in the playoffs as a wild card team, which makes sense, as it would require the Cardinals and Brewers’ BotH to pass the Cubs, and the Cubs still have a great record. Those things may not be very much.

• When my children ask what baseball was like during the 2020 pandemic season, I will show them this picture from last night:

(Photo by Dylan Buell / Getty Images)