Hello Infinity to Have Rebuilt, Customizable Control Scheme

In a new blog post, Bungie has announced that Halo Infiniti will introduce a fully customizable control scheme on all platforms and features some classic Halo weapons in Infinite’s new engine.

Quinn Delhoyo, sandbox designer at Halo Infiniti (and weapon designer during early production), detailed in the blog how developer 343 Industries is focusing on accessibility and customization for players with its new control scheme.

Delhoyo said, “Everything should feel comfortable and we don’t want players to” fight “to have fun with the game.” “This is due to this theory, and the fact that Halo will be on Infinity PC, which rebuilt the control planning system to allow us players to completely rebel and take away their control, regardless of platform. How players control the Chiefs or their Spartans is important and we believe that players feel most connected to the game when the control adaptation is fully depicted. “

343 Industries later continued in the blog, stating that the company has an internal support team and a team dedicated to improving PC control, in addition to feedback from PC Master main collection players.

“As a first-class effort, PC Halo is another aspect of Infiniti that we are actively taking into consideration,” Delhoyo said. “There is not going to be a port after launching PC games as a platform. We are playing on PC every day. Now, not only does our game need to feel great and like a halo on a controller, like it has been for the past 20-something years, the game and all of its systems have to pay attention to the functionality of the original mouse and keyboard Have to put in. “

343 Industries introduced several new screenshots, which would look like some classic Halo weapons provided in Infinite’s engine. There is everything from the original needy to Halo Reich’s BR75, as well as some potentially unexpected options, so check out the gallery below.

Halo infinite in-engine weapon screenshot

A variety of damage to weapons will be a major factor in the Battle of Halo Infinite, an extension on experimentation with light-based rifles seen back in Halo 4, and plasma weapons from the original Halo.

“Players should have stronger options now,” Delhoyo said. “Instead of the use of a weapon that you like how it shoots or handles, in Halo Infinity you want to weaponize a certain weapon because of how it affects other players, the environment, or vehicles. In short, the damage. The ambition for the types is to better integrate weapon types, ammo types, faction techniques, etc. in a way that is easily understood by the player in the gameplay loop. This way the player makes better combat decisions based on the scenario In addition to further clarity and purpose to the types of inheritance damage – Kinetic and Plasma – the team is pursuing new surprises for the players we look forward to talking about in the coming months. “

Lead weapons designer David Price stressed that 343 industries want to keep these damage types simple to understand, but also allow for multiple distinct identities between weapons that lay the foundation for the same damage.

“If they want to quickly take individual shields they can use plasma for example,” Price said. “But it doesn’t determine a weapon playstyle, class, or power level. I can still have a shotgun-style weapon that does either of these types of damage. This approach still allows us to build multiple weapons. Gives those who feel unique within one damage type. We want weapons to feel different, even if they share the same type of damage. “

Halo Infinity Fall is scheduled to be released in 2021, and thankfully 343 Industries has promised fans that it will share monthly updates as it progresses. A final start before the launch of the Xbox Series X, a later final time delay, and the departure of director Chris Lee have put Halo Infinite into the crosshairs of a troubled player base. Definitely the right development with steps like the “Inside Infinite” blog post and hiring recent veteran Joseph Staton clearly aims to instill confidence in the franchise’s huge fan following.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer / escape grunt for IGN.

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