Hello Infinity Delayed – How the Internet Reacts to the Big Xbox Series X News

Microsoft’s marquee Xbox Series X launch, titled Halo Infiniti, has been delayed to 2021. Developer 343 Industries said a change from work to home environment was one of the reasons behind the delay, and it would give the team time to “provide a halo game experience that meets our vision.”

Needless to say there was a lot to say about the delay on the internet, and we are warming people up on social media.

Halo Infiniti is now scheduled for release in 2021, but a more specific date has not yet been announced. The delay is big news because Halo Infiniti will be the first Halo game to release as the launch title for the new Xbox hardware since 2001, the original Halo: Combat Evolved in.

While Halo Infiniti is now coming to 2021, Microsoft is still planning to release the Xbox Series X this year – the November release date is now fixed. The platform will have “thousands” of titles available at launch thanks to its backwards compatibility support for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox.

Halo’s community director, Brian Gerrard, reflected that he understands the news of the delay is “disappointing”. However, he also mentioned that he has been overwhelmed by the Halo community’s response to the news and supporting 343 and that it needs to be done to end the game.

Halo’s community manager, John Junjek, shared a similar sentiment. “The halo community is the best community,” he said, adding a handful of emojis to his tweet.

Matt Piscella, who is an analyst at research firm NPD, said in his own tweet that people should remember and respect the fact that we are in the midst of an epidemic and be patient about Halo Infinite’s delay and Understand.

Waypoint reporter Patrick Klepek said he heard that 343 had a “particularly big impact” in the work-at-home environment in the final stages of Halo Infinity’s development.

Ace Watkins, the fake gamer president, said with a joke about Joe Bolden about the delay, announcing Kamala Harris, who had the news about Halo as his running mate on the same day.

Windows Central reporter Jage Corden joked that the 343 delay caused Hal Infiniti to include Crag the Brute in the game. This is a joke, but we hope 343 will actually include Easter Egg or some other node to the popular meme.

Wushu Studio’s communications manager Shinobiye 602 said it was admirable for the 343 to delay Halo Infiniti, noting that it was the flagship launch title for Series X.

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski said he welcomes news about Halo Infinite’s delay if it means the end product will be better. “Take your time, team, and eventually, shut up and take my money,” he said.

Twitter user 9 VOLT brought the memorable Shigeru Miyamoto quote in reference to the delay of Halo Infiniti, but with a more comic spin.

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