Helicopter accidents in the USA UU In western Iraq

A helicopter carrying the US military crashed in western Iraq, the military said Thursday, probably killing at least some of those on board.

"The rescue teams respond to the scene of the plane downed at this time", USA The Central Command said in a statement.

The plane was transporting troops from Iraq to Syria on a routine mission and was descending around the city of Qaim along the Iraq-Syria border, according to a defense official who requested anonymity to describe an incident. whose details are still emerging.

Seven people are believed to be on board at the time, and at least some of them are believed to have died, the official said.

In its statement, Centcom said the cause of the accident was not yet clear and that the incident would be investigated.

There are around 2,000 US troops in Syria and about 5,000 in Iraq, according to public statements by the Pentagon.

While the United States is ending its long campaign against the Islamic State in both countries, the militants retain pockets of influence in some parts of Syria, including along the Euphrates River.

U.S. The troops have been advising Syrian fighters who have been fighting extremists in those areas. But the Pentagon has tried to keep US forces out of combat there.

Dan Lamothe and Marwa Eltagouri contributed to this report.

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