Heather Morris faces backlash on Mark Soling tweets

“I can’t believe you’re a serious RN.”

Heather Morris, who played Brittany Glee, Is facing backlash for a series of tweets involving Mark Soling.

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It all started when Kevin McHale, who played Aarti, retweeted a fan’s post about “A Very Gleeful Christmas”.

In the tweet, the face of Mark Salling, who played Puck, is covered by a vomit emoji. In 2017, Mark pleaded guilty to child pornography charges after he was found with more than 55,000 images and videos of child pornography – along with some victims who were as young as 3-5 years old. He died by committing suicide shortly after sentencing.

Heather then responded to Kevin’s tweet, calling the use of emojis “abusive”.

Although some supported Heather, many responded, noting his disapproval:

@HeatherMorrisTV @druidDUDE I think being a pedophile is a bit more aggressive than emoji

@ HeatherMorrisTV @druidDUDE I know he was your friend, but he wasn’t a good person, and you have kids, I can’t believe you’re a serious RN

@HeatherMorrisTV @druidDUDE Being a victim of child pornography, it’s really frustrating for you to watch with diamonds

Then, Heather tweeted about the “insults and dishonesty” she received:

I think there is no need to justify some because somethings are better left out. Y’all, who has so many things to say, I get it, let me tell you … somethings are unforgivable. But in this holiday season, it is tough for many of us in all the holiday seasons.

We didn’t just loose 2 artists, we lost 3. And it’s so incredibly hard to act for 3 that the third is invisible, because even though his actions were inappropriate, at one point he was part of our family and he was mentally ill. Yes pedophilia is a disease but …

However I do not want to tell all this truth. So thank you for spending time with me with such insults and inhumanity that I can’t get through a day without drawing my eyes out for the loss of my entire glee family … thanks

Which in itself inspires a series of reactions:

Thank you for insulting @ HeatherMorrisTV and the children and families that victimized her. You can stop the feelings you have in your mind, just don’t expect the rest of us to do the same. You just don’t have the right to think that by ppl thinking that his pictures are triggered

Some responded to allegations of racism in response to Heather’s tweet asking Lee Mitchell to face Cost Samantha Ware earlier this summer:

@ HeatherMorrisTV So this family is kinda selective, isn’t it? Because when one of her former co-workers was abused by another member of that family, almost no one supported her.

@HeatherMorrisTV showed a new look and citing some respect, he has no reason to team up with PEDOPHILE. And, but? But what? He is still a pedophile.

For Kevin, he made no further comment – but liked a tweet that appeared to advocate Mark’s “cancellation”:

@ Jaelynne17 @allison_sorrell @HeatherMorrisTV @druidDUDE I agree that the cancellation culture is toxic in most cases, but in this one. There are just some things in life that you don’t do. And I hope anyone feels that they need to do what they need to get the help they need before doing something instead / that will affect life beyond their own selves.

We will keep you posted when there are more updates.

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