‘Healthy’ College Student, 19, Kovid-19 dies ‘life ahead’

School officials said Tuesday that a 19-year-old college student at Appalachian State University in North Carolina died Monday night from Kovid-19 complications.

University officials said in a statement that Chad Doril, apparently a healthy second-year student, was living on campus when he developed flu-like symptoms earlier this month and did all his classes online. was doing.

He went to his family home, tested positive for coronavirus and quarantined. After receiving a doctor’s approval, returned to his off-campus housing where he developed complications and was picked up by his family and hospitalized, the university said.

University of North Carolina President Peter Swan said in a news release, “Any loss of life is a tragedy, but cuts especially deep mourning, as we grieve for a young man who has so much life was.” He said, “I am saddened by the fact that Chad Doril’s family is still patient. My heart goes out to the entire Appalachian state community.”

Appalachian State Chancellor Sheri Everts wrote in a letter to the students, “Their family’s wishes are to make a shared call to the university for action so that our entire campus community recognizes the importance of following the COVID-19 safety protocol and guidelines Could. “

“Despite being generally at low risk for serious illness, college-age adults can be seriously ill with Kovid-19,” the Everett said.

Coronoviruses have become hot spots in many universities and colleges across the country. According to The Associated Press, Chad’s death is the first death at the University of North Carolina since several campuses partially reopened in September.

A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday found that from August 25 to September 25, the number of weekly coronovirus cases among people aged 18 to 22, with the highest increase in the north-east and mid-west, was 55. happened. The report stated that the increase in cases was not entirely attributable to trial.

Another recent CDC report found that the incidence of coronovirus is now highest among young adults aged 20 to 29, who accounted for more than 20 percent of all confirmed cases from June to August.

Appalachian State, which began its fall semester August 17 with a mix of online, in-person, and hybrid classes, currently has 183 active coronavirus cases reported among students and among three employees, all of whom in isolation. Are, according to a university dashboard.

The Doril family did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

In a statement by Chad’s mother, Susan Doril, in the Waduga Democrat, doctors said her son’s complications from Kovid-19 were rare.

But, she said, “If it can happen to a super healthy 19-year-old boy who doesn’t smoke, rape, or do drugs, it can happen to anyone.”

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