Health director of New Ohio exits hours after announcing appointment of Mike DeWine

Columbus, Ohio – In an embarrassing twist, Ohio Gov. Mike Devine lives without a state health department director. A South Carolina public health official withdrew her name from consideration on Thursday night, when Devine announced she would get the job.

On Thursday afternoon, Devine announced that he would be the new director of the Ohio Department of Health, with South Carolina’s director of public health for the Department of Health and Environmental Control, Dr. Joan will hire Duvvay. DeWine said that was started around October 1, amid a mix of growing public pressure, criticism, and harassment in June. Devin became Ohio’s first permanent health director after Amy Acton resigned.

But at 8:30 on Thursday night, Duvine announced that Duvvay had withdrawn his name “citing personal reasons”.

“The administration’s administration will continue its search for a full-time director of the Ohio Department of Health,” read an unsigned statement from DeWine’s office.

The governor’s office did not share additional details of how the rent fell.

But following the news of Duvvay’s retreat, socially conservative activists shared an online résumé on social media showing that he worked for Planned Parenthood as a volunteer coordinator for eight months in the early 1980s. did. DeWine, a Republican, opposes abortion and was elected to office in 2018 with the support of anti-abortion advocacy groups.

“Really. How did it happen?” Aaron Bayer, president of Citizens for Community Values, wrote on Twitter. “How the former health minister came to serious consideration as our health director as a” volunteer coordinator. “

According to DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney, Duve learned about work for Plowed Parenthood before being offered the job.

The state health department has been led by Lance Himes on an interim basis since Acton’s resignation. Acton was one of several public health officials who publicly faced threats and harassment amid coronovirus restrictions.

Duve said that Duve previously worked in the Indiana state government, while current vice president Mike Pence was the state governor. She took her job with the South Carolina state government in April, according to the Post and Courier. Immediately before that, she was an associate dean of the Indiana University School of Public Health in Indianapolis.

Duvvay is a Cleveland-area native, graduating from North Olmsted High School and Ohio State University as an undergraduate. He holds a medical doctor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in public health from the University of Michigan, according to his professional profile on the South Carolina state website.

During his televised coronovirus briefing on Thursday, Devine praised Duvvay as sharing similar passions on public health issues.

Devine said Duvvay is dealing with the coronavirus epidemic in South Carolina, including participating in a national coordination call with the White House with Ohio officials.

“He’s sunk in this fight like we’re drowned in this fight,” he said.

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