Health Department closes Trump supporter rally in Milwaukee

For the second weekend in a row, supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Milwaukee to audit the 2020 presidential election.

Around the second time, however, things ended abruptly. Things quickly escalated when the Milwaukee Health Department showed up to a large gathering in the Serb Hall.

Trump supporter Vicky McKenna said, “I don’t want to lose politely. Let me tell you. I want to win ugly! I don’t care how.”

Roughly 1,000 supporters of the president gathered outside Banquet Hall on Milwaukee’s south side on Saturday afternoon.

Pro-Trump rally at Serb Hall on Milwaukee’s south side on November 14, 2020.

Violations of the city’s public health guidelines amid the COVID-19 epidemic, the Department of Health showed. When officers asked the group to sit down, they stood up and chanted “USA”.

It did not take long for a Serb Hall representative to grab a microphone.

The representative said, “The city of Milwaukee is here. I’m not going to lose my license. I’ll stop the rally if you don’t sit. Sit down,” the representative said.

From there things got hurried. Sound equipment was packed, and tables and chairs were stored away. The Serb Hall representative was dragged to the ground by members of the crowd.

Representatives of the city health department waved at the screaming camera. One person yelled “stupid” at them.

No longer welcome at Serb Hall, the group gave its message on the streets, closing the intersection of 51st and Oklahoma. At various times, the group argued with the defendants.

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FOX6 News reached out to the Serb Hall for formal comment, but did not hear back.

A representative from the Milwaukee Health Department said in a statement:

“The Health Department arrived at the Serb Hall yesterday to learn the rules. For political events, the maximum capacity is 100 people. For a licensed bar (or) n restaurant, people have to sit down and wear masks.”

Health officials said two health inspectors were sent to follow and it appeared that “all regulations were being violated.” A health inspector was pushed but was not injured.

The Health Department representative said Serb Hall would receive several $ 500 citations for the incident, as “there are no further warnings.”

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