Head Patrick Mahomes practices in limited capacity, remaining in NFL concussion protocol

Kansas City head quarterback Patrick Mahomes took a step in the right direction.

Despite being in the NFL’s concussion protocol, the Mahomes practiced in a limited capacity on Wednesday, meaning the Super Bowl MVP, who ruled against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, would get a chance.

Head coach Andy Reid was pleased with Mahomes’ progress.

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“He looked good,” Reid said. “He’s in the protocol so there’s only a few things he can do, but he took all the snaps and he’s feeling good. So, I mean, we’re just going to follow this protocol as we might can do.”

Injured by last Sunday’s 22–17 win over the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs, Mahomes suffered an injury when he suffered injuries to the area around the head and neck while moving football to a QB substitute. sport. After the game, reports said that he twisted a nerve that runs down his neck.


To play the Mahomes, they must complete five stages in the league’s return-to-play protocol. Those steps include resting until the signs and symptoms return to baseline clearance to begin cardio; Stretching and balance training with medical inspection; Enhancing exercises that include monitoring strength training; Restoration of non-contact football activities; And then the player is cleared by the team’s physicians and passes an independent neurological examination, at which point he is cleared to practice and play.

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It is uncertain which step Mahomes was on Wednesday, but based on what Reid said, the All-Pro quarterback could be on the fourth stage in the process. If Mahomes continues to trend in the right direction, there is a good chance he will participate in practice on Thursday or Friday.

“He is working well at this point and they make your progress throughout the day,” Reid said, so today the work was limited and there was no contact, I think it was today’s program. And we are doing this kind of work on Wednesday. , So it fit perfectly with it. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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