Head of Serbian Orthodox Church in hospital with coronovirus

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) – A 90-year-old father of the Serbian Orthodox Church is hospitalized after testing positive for coronovirus, following prayers at a large public funeral for the head of the church in Montenegro, who died . That virus rent.

The Serbian Orthodox Church said late Wednesday that Patriarch Irinase was hospitalized but had no COVID-19 symptoms and was in “excellent general condition”.

Serbia’s Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that the father was admitted to a military hospital in Belgrade where he may be under “medical supervision and control”. The ministry said that it is in good condition and has no fever or other symptoms of the disease.

On Sunday, Patriarch Irinze led prayers inside a filled church To Bishop Mphilohige, head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, who died after contracting COVID-19.

Many people inside the Montenegrin church did not wear protective face masks or maintained their distance from each other in violation of coronovirus-fighting restrictions. Many kissed the body of the bishop in an open coffin.

Among those in the church were Serbian President Alexander Vucic and Montenegrin Prime Minister-Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokonik.

Montenegro and Serbia have seen an increase in virus infections in the past weeks. Montenegro officials warned that Bishop Mphilohije’s funeral posed a major health threat.

The Serbian Orthodox Church is also the main church in Montenegro, a fellow Slavic and Orthodox Christian nation. One-third of Montenegro’s 620,000 people identify as Serbs.

The church said on Wednesday that Bishop Jonikije, the acting head of the church, has also tested positive after the death of another top pastor in Montenegro, Bishop Mphilohige.

Following the split of Montenegro from the United States in 2006, Serpent was very popular with Serbia among Bishop Montilagrins, who advocate a close relationship with Serbia.


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