Head of PlayStation: "We believe that the era of streaming is upon us".


PlayStation Now currently offers 780 streaming games, and Sony promises to expand that catalog significantly in the future.
enlarge / PlayStation Now currently offers 780 streaming games, and Sony promises to expand that catalog significantly in the future.

In a broad presentation for investors focused on Sony's future gaming plans, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan echoed comments from companies such as Google by saying that "we believe that the era of broadcasting is to come and a period of rapid growth is about to begin. "

To support that bold claim, Ryan cited Sony's internal data on the 5.6 million PS4 owners who use the Remote Gaming functionality of the system, which essentially turns the console into a home server that can stream games to PC / Mac, iOS. and Xperia. Android Devices The "growing appetite" for that feature among PS4 users is "one of the specific reasons why we feel that the transmission change is upon us," Ryan said, and the feature will make a return for the successor to the console of the PS4.

Sony has also used a lot on the transmission potential of PlayStation Now, the broadcast gaming service that was launched in 2015. In his opening comments, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has used usage patterns for 700,000 subscribers. PlayStation Now. needs of the people who subscribe to this service. We intend to strengthen the content catalog, including AAA titles, and we are working to make those improvements. "

Ryan added that "you will see that it focuses on improving the quality of the game we have in [PlayStation Now]"Entering the next generation, with many more first and third part titles available for streaming on top of the 780 games currently offered.

Servers, bandwidth and competition.

Sony also highlighted how its headset transmission has given it an idea of ​​how to provide its users with a high-quality, non-latency streaming game experience. Yoshida stressed that the company has been accumulating for five years.[ing] Technology and patents to minimize latency. In the future we will continue to accumulate more technology and technical knowledge. "

Yoshida said Sony will "take advantage of the latest in computing, streaming, cloud and technology" to make sure the broadcast experience remains "perfect." Ryan added that the partnership recently announced by Sony with Microsoft in broadcasting technology should be seen as a "serious intention statement" to improve the growth and scale of PlayStation Now, but did not offer further details.

Ryan said he "does not apologize" for releasing PlayStation Now slowly to 19 different countries in a staggered schedule. By not rushing, he said, the company has been able to test, learn and iterate to "make sure there is a proper" PlayStation experience "in the service, as it expanded to 15 data centers and 37 points of presence in the network.

Thanks to the technology acquired from Gaikai in 2012, Ryan said that Sony can provide "ultra low latency with [a network connection of] only 5 Mbps "(which is fully compatible with our 2015 network tests, for what it's worth).

Google, for its part, recommends at least a 25 Mbps connection for a quality experience on its Stadia transmission platform. Ryan believes that Sony's lower bandwidth threshold is a "strategically important point of difference" with competitors, which will allow us to expand to markets where bandwidth can be an opening factor.

Ryan included some other tutorials on Stadia and other potential competitors of streaming games, though he did not mention any by name. On the one hand, he highlighted how Sony continues to believe in a "player's choice", transmission as an option in addition to downloadable and disk-based games that are played locally. "We never force the digital model on any," Ryan said, reiterating that the next generation of PlayStation will continue to play a disk drive. And although the broadcast will be "an increasingly significant factor" in the near future, Ryan acknowledged that "players will continue to value the options."

Ryan also highlights Sony's deep catalog of existing content and franchises as a key strength in the broadcasting competition. "While others are in start-up mode or recovery mode, SIE has been investing constantly, organically and through acquisitions, for more than 20 years, and now has a network of more than 13 powerful studies in all regions that they provide services to players around the world. "

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