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He underwent brain surgery – Hollywood Life

The host of & # 39; Jeopardy & # 39; and national treasure Alex Trebek had to leave the show after hitting his head in a terrifying fall. We have all the details about your condition.

What is … a scary medical scare? Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek underwent brain surgery to remove a subdural hematoma that he suffered when he hit his head in a bad fall in October 2017. The 77-year-old TV icon revealed in a YouTube video that he published on January 4 that had a "mild medical problem," which explained how blood clots had developed in his brain in a fall he suffered a few months earlier. He was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on December 15 after experiencing complications and underwent surgery to remove the bleeding in his brain. Thank God he was successful and was released from the hospital a few days later. Even better is his prognosis, which Alex says is "excellent". Wow! We do not know what we would do without his whip-smart mind questioning the contestants Jeopardy! .

Alex was able to keep his medical drama to a minimum because the program records months in advance with long breaks throughout the year. It will return to record shows in the middle of January of 2018, and the only problem in the calendar of the show will be that the College Championship, that had to be recorded this week, will be delayed until March and later it will be transmitted month later in April. Apart from that, it will be a business as always for Alex and Jeopardy!

The beloved host seemed to be in great health and spirits in the video, which seems to be recorded in his cozy living room, as he was surrounded by photos of his family on a table behind his large sofa. He was sitting with a navy blue baseball cap Jeopardy! and a comfortable yellow sweater. At the end of the video, he thanked all his fans because his concern is his usual soothing voice as a teacher. We have at least two more years of Alex in charge of Jeopardy! since he renewed his contract in May 2017 to continue until the 2019-20 season. That will mark the thirty-seventh syndicated program in the air. Oh, man, Alex has been the host of the show more than many fans have been alive!

HollywoodLifers, sends Alex your best wishes!

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