He Larry FitzGerald Football IQ, and Niners Aftermath

Larry FitzGerald did not play his most prolific game, only four catches for 34 yards, all in the first half. But the veteran wideout wants to win.

The 49-year-old was expecting a fight to see the Hoppins land after a catch and run with the cards in field goal range with a first-half clock after “a clash” while struggling with the defenders. Watching him catch the ball and sprinting the official over the hashmark to bounce the ball quickly, so Kylar Murray can spike it and set up a long 56-yard field goal of Jane Gonzalez’s career, I mean Hai, this is a game that won’t be missed because the box score won’t show it.

“His IQ,” Hopkins said. “He is one of my smartest people.

FitzGerald did not speak after the Cardinals’ win in San Francisco, which is going to take place in a coronovirus world where access is inherently limited to how many people can make a zoom call after a road game. But he tweeted.

“There is no better way to get things … Team win against a great opponent,” Fitz said. “Nice to be back there and compete. Just the beginning.”

The way the game got started, seeing the offense, as Cliff Kingsbury put it, was rusty, with some on Twitter already wondering why the Cardinals have done so much official promotion. In truth, a win does not justify publicity. not now. But the way he rallied. The way Murray helped the Cards gain the lead helped him evaporate and then lead the Cardinals to another touchdown – which was not the case last year. The defense is coming up with a clutch stop – and indeed all games are playing solid – didn’t happen last year either.

long way to go. But what a way to get started.

– DeAndre Hopkins. Which is how it first started after a massive contract extension. And it was also after the first half where he and Kylar Murray did not appear to be entirely on the same page. It’s only going to get better.

– Speaking of Murray, it stinks that he missed his first 100 yards of play. But what he has on hand takes him to the next level as a quarterback, and it has become a nightmare for the 49ers that he is going to do so for a long time.

– The card had 180 yards rushing and more than 400 total, it’s hard to imagine after the start, but it’s also an exclamation point for what people think will be an offense. Yes, Murray was hand-to-foot for a flurry of rushing yards, but this offense potentially stands to give him this option.

– It was a tough start for rookie linebacker Isaiah Simmons, who was flagged off for a rushing tackle on the first play of the game, and last year in San Francisco, fellow linebacker Chandler Jones got the same angle out of the backfield. Was caught on. . Rahm Mortarte took Simmons one step too far, and shot back inside for a 76-yard catch-and-run. It is all part of the learning curve.

Buddha Baker said, “I did not see him coming down.” “I saw flexibility.”

– George Katal, a non-factor, with four catches for 44 yards, in fact. This may be partly due to Baker hitting a high Jimmy G pass late in the first half with Baker’s leg, but they intercepted him. There were six catches for the Titers at tight ends for only 56 balls.

– No crowd is different. Cliff Kingsbury admitted that players need to learn how to draw their adrenaline from somewhere when they are normally crowded. I’m very curious how they react to the home game next week.

– The Cardinals decided to stay in the locker room for the national anthem, after a meeting by the players. Defensive tackle Corey Peters said it was a group choice.

– We were seen by Chris Streveler after former CFL QBs created a surprise backup QB over Brett Lundley. On short yardage, he raced the field, Murray went into motion as a “receiver”, and Streveler pledged forward for a first-down carry. A hint on things to come.

– Special teams really changed the game. It is hard to imagine a card by Ezekiel Turner living in it without that blocked punt. There is no way to find out for sure – the Niners had their own offensive issues – but it was certainly felt that that play ensured that it did not take away from the Cardinals.

– That goal line stand was too big. Of course, if the Cards had not given a third of 17 and a 16-yard run on goal, it would not have happened. Then, the Niners would have hit a field goal and it would not be good.

– Chase Edmonds looks like he’s going to be a big part of the crime. He made a TD catch, had a few good runs, and had plenty of times when Kenyan was on the field with Drake. he is smart. He can be a weapon.

It was a strange day. But a win is a win.