He died by suicide. His wife blames ‘COVID psychosis’

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– An Illinois family is speaking out after a husband and father of two took his own life, saying he did so as a result of “COVID psychosis.” Morris’s Ben Price committed suicide 16 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in February. The 48-year-old farmer and married father of two spent four days in the hospital with respiratory problems and then returned home a different person, widow Jennifer Price told WGN. “He would walk around the house and repeat things. And it wasn’t even in his normal tone of voice,” he says. “He kept repeating, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so scared.’ He would look out the window and just worry about things that weren’t even happening.” He was prescribed medication intended to calm him down, but he died by suicide shortly thereafter. “Our Ben would never have left us,” Price says. But “he wasn’t our Ben.”

Doctors have described rare cases of psychosis after COVID-19. “Indeed, it appears that COVID-19 may have a two-way relationship with mental illness, so experiencing mental illness increases the risk of developing COVID-19, but also COVID-19 infection increases the risk of mental illness later, “reads a published review. last month in Progress in neurology and psychiatry. It refers to a study that found that 18% of 62,354 patients had a psychiatric diagnosis, with 5.8% representing a first diagnosis, within 90 days of being diagnosed with COVID-19. But “the kinds of neurological and cognitive problems and even emotional and psychiatric problems as part of a Covid infection” are not fully understood, infectious disease expert Emily Landon tells WGN. Until they are, Price wants families to be on guard. (More on neurological symptoms here).


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