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He bought two lottery tickets in his life and won $ 724 million

Richard Wahl bought only two Mega Millions lottery tickets in his 47 years, and one was a failure.

The other, purchased as a late occurrence along with a Diet Coke during a gas stop in Riverdale, New Jersey, scored a $ 533 million ($ 724.11m) prize, the fourth largest in the game's history and one of the 10 biggest major prizes.

"For me it is not only money that changes my life, but I want my life to change, money for others," he told reporters on Friday

"Family, friends, people in need. to do some good things with that. "

Wahl, a food production manager – the service company who only moved to New Jersey from Michigan with his family in July, said he would use a financial team to help decide how to spread the money among his family, friends and others.

In particular, he is thinking of his mother, who lives on a reduced income, and his wife's family, in Mexico.

But he also has some ideas for him, such as a vacation, rebuilding a Corvette from the 60s and, hopefully, withdrawing from his job.

"We are not the type that is going to run out and we spend all the money," Wahl said, according to ABC. "We are a humble family, we will maintain our roots."

Wahl and his family chose to take the payment in a lump sum of US $ 324 million, or approximately US $ 175 million after taxes.

Reporters said Friday when he knew he was the winner during the March 30 draw.

He said he told his wife he was going to verify the numbers and joked that "if I win, you'll hear a huge shout, we're going on vacation, we're going to retire," he said.

He realized that the first five numbers that had coincided with those that were drawn. The sixth number, and the last, was a 1 – a perfect combination.

"I went and looked at that," Wahl said, pausing briefly with tears in his eyes. "I can tell you that it did not work, it was really amazing."

He did not shout or scream, since some people in his house were sleeping. Instead he went to tell his wife.

"I said, baby, we're going on vacation," said Wahl. "She said:" What are you talking about, do not be an idiot? "I said," No, seriously, we hit him. "


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