‘He blows those people away’: Andrew Peasley ignites Utah State offense as Aegis claims first win

Logan – Andrew Peasley just wanted to come down one first. He faced a knockout blow.

The pea is rolled out of a collapsing pocket and extended toward the earlier down marker. He hopped to the tackle tackle on the line to gain first down, and suddenly he was singled out – rushing for 62 yards in the end zone.

That fourth-quarter run led Utah State to a 41-27 win over New Mexico on Thursday night at Maverick Stadium.

“Exactly how we practiced it this week – nah, I’m just messing up,” said interim coach Frank Mayle. “That’s the beauty about a dual-threat quarterback. He always finds a way. He’s competitive. He wrestled his way into what should have been a sack, but he didn’t give up.”

And as freshman linebacker Kina Mel, who made a superb comeback for a touchdown and a blocked punt in the win, said, “They made those guys go dust. It was crazy.”

Paisley said the play should have been out early for the first down, but things develop quite quickly. He pumped-faked as the New Mexico (0-5) defensive line converted around him and then rolled to his left.

“I escaped from the pocket and I think it really is. It was all open from there,” Paisley said.

It was the first-awaited first win of the season for Utah State (1-4) and the Aegis brought some hope for the future. The game-clutching run from Matru was not the only play made on Thursday. In fact, it certainly looks like the Aggies have found their quarterback.

The sophistication of Paisley, La Grande, Oregon, made its first collegiate start. And if Thursday’s performance is any kind of sign, much more is to come.

Pea was 14-21 for 239 yards and three touchdowns; He added 118 yards rushing and another score on the ground.

Utah State Aggies quarterback Andrew Peasley (6) prepares to pass against the New Mexico Lobos defense during an NCAA football game on Thursday, November 26, 2020 at Maverick Stadium in Logan.

“I really felt like going to the game. I felt like my teammates believed in me, and I just went out and performed,” being out with COVID-19 in the weeks before the game. .

Pesley said that after some long drives that came to a halt in the first half, including a drive in which Pesley stumbled through the end zone, the offense came out “with some fire” and wanted to take the shot. He did just that.

If you were able to fight the post-feast nap, what seemed like it in endless first-half reviews, Paisley and Utah State rewarded you with your best performance of the year – a lot.

At the inauguration of the Utah State half, Pesley found Justin McGriff in a stride between the two defenders for a 36-yard touchdown. On the next possession, the Sompour quarterback saw Saavn Scarver cross the field for a 26-yard score. And on the next, Pesley dropped Carson Terrell, who raced for a 35-yard touchdown catch.

The Aggies came into Thursday’s Thanksgiving nightcap, scoring just 45 points all season, as they reached a record of 0-4, and only 6 points. Therefore, to say that there was a sudden aggressive explosion, it would underline that.

“We took shots and they were successful,” Pesley said. “it felt good.”

The third quarter blast was aided by the defense as well. Kina Mele made a fumble and returned it for a touchdown. The Aggies scored 28 runs in the third quarter.

Coach Mel said, “It’s hard to win a football game, man.” “But anytime you can do it as a team with all three phases – humiliation, defense and special teams – it’s a fantastic feeling.”

It looks like the Aggies are waiting for all seasons. And one they want to taste.

“Man, it’s just a huge burden off our shoulders – just to get one and get us on the right track,” said Kina Mel. “We’re just itching to get that void off our record and we’re finally getting it. It sounds amazing and I know we’re going to celebrate it all weekend and all thanks. I just love this feeling. “

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