HBO Max imports Russell T. Davies’ gripping British drama It’s A Sin

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This is what is happening in the world of television for Thursday, February 18. All times are Eastern.

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It’s a sin (HBO Max, 3:01 am, Complete Limited Series): It’s tough out there / here, with the pandemic and seriously twisted winter weather and God knows what else, probably more killer wasps at some point, anything goes these days. As such, we are aware that for many of you, the phrase “British limited series on the AIDS crisis” could push you to throw away It’s a sin on the maybe-later-this-is-too-heavy-now stack. Please reconsider! Latest from Russell T. Davies, from Doctor who, yes, but also A very English scandal, the original Queer as Folk, Cucumber, Plantain, Y tofuThe list goes on, follows a group of friends whose lives are deeply affected by AIDS and the failures of the government’s response to the crisis, but it appears to be equally jubilant and burdensome. Judging by the response from the British public (it premiered there in January) this is not to be missed. Look for Danette Chavez’s review later today.

Regular coverage

Lord Mayor (NBC, 8 pm)
Clarice (CBS, 10:00 p.m.)


Archibald’s next big thing (Peacock, 3:01 am, first full season): The brainchild of Tony Hale (who unsurprisingly also features Hale in the cast), this DreamWorks series follows a little chicken who wants to have big adventures and makes some questionable decisions along the way. The voice cast also includes Rosamund Pike, Adam Pally, and Casey Wilson.

Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan (Netflix, 3:01 am, first full season): This four-episode adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s manga series of the same name, itself a derivative of The diamond is unbreakable, the fourth installment of Araki’s acclaimed film JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, arrives in America today. It looks wild.


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