HBO Announces Game Of Thrones 10th Anniversary Celebration

game of Thrones

game of Thrones
Photo: HBO

April 17 marks 10 years since you first borrowed someone’s HBO credentials (and / or logged into some unscrupulous website) to see the first episode of game of Thrones, which is a decade since the happy Stark children had a lovable wolf cub to love, a decade since Sansa first saw lovable Joffrey Baratheon, and a decade since Jaime Lannister fondly considered the things he does for love. To celebrate the occasion and possibly to remind viewers that there was once game of Thrones was universally praised, HBO has announced a month-long event called The Iron Anniversary that will include a ton of HBO Max stuff, a “MaraThrone” on HBO (it’s a “marathon” play) and some kind of special giveaway prize for people. “They were married in Westeros-themed ceremonies”. Finally, a game of Thrones The wedding will result in more than just a knife to the stomach and confusing questions from her relatives (“Isn’t that the show about incest?” No Nana, it’s the show where a teenage girl is sold to a warlord barbarian and then gives birth to dragons, and also yes, there is some incest).

HBO Max things will involve a new game of Thrones “Featured Page” with curated episode collections, Easter egg guides, and loads of behind-the-scenes videos and cast interviews, and there will be some kind of charity challenge that involves trying to watch the entire season. It seems like the episode collections will be based on watching episodes in a different order, like if you just want to see Daenerys’s story or just like big battle scenes. Meanwhile, the MaraThrone will begin on HBO2 on April 10 and will run through all episodes of the series.

You can check out a sneak peek at the Iron Anniversary event below (but, actually, it’s just a 40-second highlight reel for the show).

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