Hawley calls for the dissolution of the Big Tech ‘oligarchs’, companies that ‘sold us to China’

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri on Friday urged fellow Republicans to support the breakdown of the Big Tech “oligarchs” who censor political views, as well as the big companies that “sold us to China.”

Hawley called for a “new nationalism” that reclaims the confidence-breaking mantra of the Teddy Roosevelt-era Republican Party to fight big business and the Democrats, who, he said, jointly convey a false message that America is ” systematically racist “and is” founded on lies. ” and evil “.

These oligarchs of today will not tell us what to do. What we need is a new nationalism, a new agenda to make the rule of the people in this country real, ”Hawley said in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

“I would start by breaking up Big Tech corporations. Just break them up. Break them in the name of the people’s government, for the good of the American people and our freedom. We need to break up those corporations and downsize them. “

Hawley cited censorship by conservatives on social media, including that of former President Donald Trump after the Jan.6 riots on Capitol Hill.

“People like Google, Facebook, have you heard of them? Twitter, these companies have more power than any company in the history of the United States and are aligned with the radical left to try to impose their agenda in this country, “he said.

“They want to rule this country. And if we don’t do something, they will. And we have a word for it. It’s called the oligarchy. And that’s what we’re up against in America right now. “

Hawley said the Republican Party, while long considered the business party, also has a history of breaking trust, recalling the Roosevelt-led charge against big business that helped split the party in 1912 between the factions led by Roosevelt and his successor as president. , William Howard Taft.

“The Republican Party, we were once the party of the trusted hunters, you know. I mean, we invented the concept, basically. It’s time to reclaim that legacy, ”said Hawley.

“It is time to recover that legacy and not only for the big technologies, but for all the big multinational corporations that have sold us to China, that have sold our workers who have sold our jobs. They need to separate. And we need to have free and fair competition in this country again. “

Hawley said he was unfairly targeted for opposing Pennsylvania President Biden’s voters to be certified in an attempt to force a national review of the voter fraud allegations.

“If we can’t have a free and open debate in this country, we won’t have a country left,” Hawley said.

“If we cannot have a free and open debate, according to the laws of the United States Senate, what good is the United States Senate? Why are they sending someone to Washington? I thought it was an important position to take. And for that the left has persecuted me. They have tried to silence me. They canceled a book, a book I was writing called ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’. These people don’t have any sense of irony, by the way, it will still be published, it will be out soon. “

Hawley is a leader among conservative post-Trump populists in Washington. In December he partnered with Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont to push for $ 2,000 stimulus checks that were resisted by Senate Republican leaders, and on Friday called for the adoption of a $ 15-an-hour minimum wage for earning businesses. greater than $ 1 billion.


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