Hawley backs Sanders-style Plan B with a $ 15 minimum wage

Senator Josh hawleyJoshua (Josh) David Hawley Open Antitrust is an innovation killer Haley isolated after the fallout from Trump Trump to resurface on the political scene at CPAC MORE (R-Mo.) He announced Friday a plan to tax large companies that don’t pay their workers at least $ 15 an hour, an alternative minimum wage approach also put forward by the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Bernie sandersBernie Sanders House Democrats to Keep Minimum Wage Increase on COVID-19 Relief Bill for Friday’s Vote Sanders Criticizes MP’s Decision on Minimum Wage MP rejects minimum wage increase on COVID-19 bill coronavirus MORE (I-Vt.) And chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Ron WydenRonald (Ron) Lee Wyden Biden’s nominee previews post-Trump trade agenda Labor Expands Unemployment Assistance for Workers Rejecting Employers Who Bypass COVID-19 Rules Democrats Hesitate to Raise Taxes in middle of the pandemic MORE (D-Pray.).

“For decades the wages of Americans who work every day have stagnated [sic] while monopoly corporations have consolidated industry after industry, ensuring record profits for CEOs and investment bankers, “Hawley said in a statement.

“Megacorporations can afford to pay their workers $ 15 an hour, and it’s about time they did, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of small businesses already struggling to do so.

Progressive Democrats pushing for a $ 15 minimum wage took a hit Thursday night when Senate MP Elizabeth MacDonough ruled that the policy could not be included in the budget reconciliation process.

Democrats hoped to approve the salary as part of a $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid package using the reconciliation process that only requires a simple majority to pass in the Senate.

Sanders dismissed the opinion and said he would work on an amendment to tax large, profitable companies that pay less than $ 15 an hour.

“That amendment must be included in this reconciliation bill,” he said.

The details of the various plans don’t line up, particularly the items that would subsidize small business salaries.

But it is not the first time that Hawley and Sanders have found themselves supporting similar political goals. Last year, the two teamed up on legislation to increase COVID-19 stimulus payments from $ 600 to $ 2,000.

Then-President TrumpDonald TrumpDonald Trump Jr. Calls Withdrawn Bruce Springsteen Positions A ‘Liberal Privilege’ Schiff Sees Challenges For The Intelligence Committee, Trump McConnell Shadow Community Says It Would Back Trump As Republican Candidate In 2024 MORE he supported the approach, leading to a wave of GOP support for the measure, but only after the legislation had already passed both houses and could not be amended. Trump made the original legislation law.

President BidenJoe BidenBiden ‘disappointed’ with Senate MP’s decision, but ‘respects’ decision Taylor Swift welcomes passage of House Equality Act Donald Trump Jr. calls dropped Bruce Springsteen charges ‘liberal privilege’ MOREThe current COVID-19 proposal would provide a stimulus of $ 1,400, making up the difference between the $ 600 approved in September and the $ 2,000 figure.


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