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Hawaiian Avocado: Huge head size & # 39; in a world record offer

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Ms. Wang will receive a Guinness response within two months

A woman in Hawaii may have found the world's largest avocado, reports say.

Pamela Wang from Kealakekua on Big Island went for a walk when she saw the 5.2-pound (2.35 kg) fruit. "It was as big as my head," he told the West Hawaii Today newspaper.

Ms. Wang submitted an application for Guinness World Records. In 2009, an 4.8-pound avocado was verified in Venezuela.

The "split avocado" on toast has become a popular breakfast among young people in the West.

It symbolizes a division of generational wealth after an Australian columnist railed against young people worried about high property prices to spend money on the plate instead of saving.

Ms. Wang said her giant avocado came from a 40-year-old tree that protrudes from a street she walks on regularly. In Hawaii, fruit that sticks out or falls in a public place is free to claim.

She provided photographs of the avocado to West Hawaii Today.

"I see avocados every day and I pick up avocados every day, but this one … it was hard to miss," he told the newspaper.

The Guinness verification process requires that the fruit be photographed and weighed in the presence of an expert, in this case Ken Love, farmer and director of the Hawaii Tropical organization. Fruit Growers

"I've seen [avocados] more time and I've seen them get fat, but not both," Love told West Hawaii Today.

"I think people have others who do not have regret, but I think that this one was very high," he added.

Ms. Wang will receive news from Guinness within two months.

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He ate massive avocado with friends after weighing.

"It tasted excellent, the tree is very good, we had 10 people there and we did not even use half of the avocado," he said.

The local area recorded other heavier fruits, Mr. Love told West Hawaii Today.

Local farmers now have world records for heavier jaca and guanábana, a fruit that occurs in the United States. the tropics, and a local farmer also once held the record for the heaviest mango, he said.

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