Hawaii sees 2 coronovirus-related deaths and 167 new cases statewide

Hawaii Department of Health officials today state two more coronovirus-related deaths and 167 new infections statewide, with the state totals of 96 deaths and 10,459 COVID-19 cases since the onset of the epidemic.

No immediate information was given about the latest deaths in Oahu.

According to state health officials, a total of 83 deaths occurred on Oahu, nine on Maui, three on the larger island, while one was a Kauai resident.

State health officials have yet to count the latest Big Island deaths at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home in the department’s fatal count, pending a verification process. Hilo Medical Center said on Thursday that a total of 10 residents with COVID-19 have died at the home of the elderly in Hilo.

The death toll in America today is over 192,000.

A total of new cases today include 142 on Oahu, 21 on the island of Hawaii and four on Molokai in Maui County.

To date, 7,029 infections are considered actively statewide, with a total of 3,334 patients now classified by health authorities as “free from isolation”, or about 31% of those infected. The category counts those infected who meet the criteria to be free from isolation. Today there were cases of one hundred twenty eight new releases.

Today’s total coronavirus cases by county since the outbreak began include 9,446 on Oahu, 562 in Hawaii County, 367 in Maui County, and 58 in Kauai County. 26 Hawaii residents are also diagnosed outside the state.

Hawaii’s triple-digit increase in daily new COVID-19 cases in August made the state, city, and federal government partners in a free surge testing program on Oahu to test on 90,000 people in about three weeks has gone. For more information visit doIneedacovid19test.com.

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Authorities counted 3,556 new tests in today’s Milan, representing 4.6% of the total test in today’s 167 positive cases. Of the 250,039 coronavirus tests conducted so far by state and clinical laboratories in Hawaii since Hawaii began, a total of 4.2% have been positive.

Health officials said that out of all the air cases, 622 required hospitalization, 12 new hospitals required hospitalization.

There are two hospitals in the statewide count of Hawaii residents who were diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the state’s 620 hospitals, 549 are on Oahu, 47 on Maui, 23 on the Hawaiian Islands, and one on Kauai.

By county, Honolulu has seen 2,793 patients released from isolation, Hawaii County has 261 releases, Maui has released 223 patients. According to the Department of Health, Kauai has no active case to date.