Hawaii GOP said QAnon should say ‘no derision’

  • The Republican Party of Hawaii drew criticism for posting a series of tweets about the QAnon conspiracy.
  • The tweets suggested that QAnon followers should not be made fun of because their beliefs were inspired by patriotism.
  • Followers of QAnon were involved with the rebellion at the US Capitol Building.
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The Republican Party of Hawaii posted a series of tweets that appeared to be defending followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The eight-part Twitter thread on Friday night concluded with a call not to ridicule QAnon supporters.

The tweet reads: “We should make it clearly clear – those who subscribed to Q Fiction were largely inspired by a true and deep love for America. Never ridiculed patriotism and the love of the county should go.”

In an earlier tweet, Hawaii’s GOP described the origins of a conspiracy theory believed to have led to the deadly siege of the US Capitol Building.

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One tweet focused on the central belief of a conspiracy theory that a ‘deep state’ engages in coordinated plots to undermine former President Donald Trump.

It read: “What is the truth? There are highly networked groups of people with specific agendas. Factions and individuals within the government do the power of abuse – Peter Strozak, Steele Dossier, James Comey, FISA courts, and so on.”

It continued: “Powerful people engage in abusive or predatory behavior.”

Another tweet stated: “Those who followed Q are not jokes, the world is a complicated place, bad actors, injustice, corruption.”

The tweet criticized those who felt the Hawaiian Republican Party attempted to rationalize the disgruntled QAnon conspiracy theory.

Followers of the plot were in the frontline of the rebellion on 6 January.

A QAnon influencer – ‘Q Shaman’ – played a highly visible role in the Capitol Siege. He has since been arrested and charged with federal crimes.

Ashlee Babbitt, who was badly shot during the coup attempt, was also a supporter of QAnon.

Some followers of the conspiracy theory believed that storming the Capitol could lead to an event that would result in the overthrow of Trump and kill the anti-Trump leader.

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