Having trouble getting a COVID-19 vaccination appointment in Massachusetts? Here are some tips

Despite state adjustments, some residents still struggle to secure appointments and have turned to various word-of-mouth channels to find available spaces. Additionally, several unofficial resources have been created to help residents find and book available vaccination appointments.

If you are among those who have trouble finding open dates at the time of search, here are some tips.

Follow the Twitter account @vaccinetime

Twitter account, which is run by software engineer Dan Cahoon, scratches vaccine dating websites and automatically tweets when new quotes are posted.

The account is published whenever appointments arise in various places in the state. Each tweet lists the number of open spaces and where in the state they are available, whether in hospitals or pharmacies, and the posts include links to individual websites for residents to follow.

Sign up for email alerts through the COVID Vaccine Finder

Vaccine applicants can also sign up for email alerts through the COVID Vaccine Finder, a website run by three sisters that sends an email when new appointments are posted. On their website, the sisters said they started their operation after realizing that the vaccine applicants didn’t have hours to pass the updated dating websites.

“Instead, once you sign up for our website, you can go back to your life and just monitor your email – we’ll send you a ping immediately when appointments are available,” the website says.

The site warns users that when they sign up, they will receive around 10 emails per day as new appointments emerge. It also cautions residents that due to the high volume of people looking for appointments, spaces will be reserved quickly, usually within 1-3 minutes after they are released, imploring users to “click quickly when viewing an email. “.

Follow the Vaccine Hunters / Angels Massachusetts Facebook group

The 13,000-member group shares tips on how eligible people can book appointments and tips for securing overdoses, as described.

Group members answer each other’s questions about their personal experiences registering and receiving the vaccine, and alert others when appointments are available. Some are individually creating their own spreadsheets and documents to track when and where spaces are opened.

People who are willing to help others get appointments will also volunteer their time to help others find spaces, with some posting to the group asking if anyone needs help.

Sign up for text message alerts at covidvaccinetexts.com

The website covidvaccinetexts.com will send text messages to users when vaccine appointments are available at nearby pharmacies.

Users can enter their phone number and locations near them to be notified when spaces open at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid pharmacies, one of the developers behind the site told WCVB.

Register with Dr. B, a COVID-19 waiting list

Dr. B is a service that aims to connect people seeking COVID-19 injections with providers who have overdoses.

“Sometimes patients have to cancel their vaccination appointments, leaving unused doses at the end of the day,” the website reads. “You can sign up to receive text message notifications when they are available near you.”

Dr. B began working with providers in Massachusetts last Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the service said in an email to The Boston Globe, and is currently in talks with more providers.

To register, people provide their phone number and basic information. Dr. B texts users when a nearby supplier is looking for people to administer additional doses, and those who are interested can reply to the message to claim the dose and go to the supplier at a certain time, according to his site. Web.

Enroll on the Boston Medical Center Waiting List

The BMC waiting list is for people interested in getting vaccinated at one of the hospital’s community vaccination clinics, the website says.

Users can submit a form and residents will be contacted by email, phone call or text message to book an appointment once they are eligible.

The waiting list is for vaccination sites in Boston, including the Thomas M. Menino YMCA in Hyde Park, the Morning Star Baptist Church in Mattapan, and the Russell Auditorium in Dorchester, among others.

For Boston residents of color, visit the Vaccine Equity Access Line

The City of Boston launched the Equity in Vaccine Access line to help residents of communities disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic find and reserve vaccine spaces.

For those who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines and who identify as people of color, residents can fill out an online form or call 617-635-5555.

Check with your local pharmacy

Due to conditions surrounding the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, which must be thawed and cannot be refrozen, clinics and sites are sometimes left with leftover doses. In the absence of uniform policies on what to do with them, they are also faced with the choice of how to use them.

Residents can register at local pharmacies and other sites that are part of the federal government’s vaccine distribution program. to see if they have extra doses of vaccine.

CVS, for example, has significant leeway in the way it delivers additional doses.

“Teams in our store will assess on a case-by-case basis how to most efficiently vaccinate eligible individuals with the remaining doses,” Joe Goode, a CVS spokesperson told the Globe in February. “This may include local ‘waiting lists’ of eligible individuals, if applicable.”

Goode noted that each pharmacy can identify which people are eligible for vaccines from CVS patient profiles.

“Simply put,” he said, “we are taking steps to help ensure that these valuable doses are used in the best way.”

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