Have you ever bought an original PS3? Sony may owe you $ 65


Three generations of PlayStation 3. Only the original "fat" model on the left is eligible.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Remember when Sony said that your PlayStation 3 would be a "computer", not just a game console? Remember when Sony endorsed that claim by allowing someone (including US Air Force ) to install Linux on the issue? Remember when Sony broke its promises by unceremoniously deleting that "OtherOS" feature with a firmware update?

If so, you may have earned up to $ 65 – and you have exactly one month to claim your money.

Almost eight years after Sony withdrew the option to install Linux on the PS3, allegedly by security reasons a court almost approved an agreement in a clbad action lawsuit last December.

Sony agreed to pay $ 3.75 million, lawyers get a third of that, the five plaintiffs will see up to $ 3,500 each, and the organizers of the deal will also get between $ 300,000 and $ 400,000, but that's still easily a pair of millions of dollars left to pay PS3 owners like you.

How to file your claim

Where does it start? If you bought an original "Gorda" PS3 between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010 at an "authorized retailer", then not on Craiglist, where I bought mine, you can receive up to $ 65 for each original. PS3 you bought You can send multiple claims if you bought more than one. Here is the claim form you will need. The deadline is April 15, 2018.

Oh, but there is one more wrinkle: He will have to swear to him legally that he knew it was possible to install Linux on the PS3 and / or that he lost a bit of the value of your PS3 when Sony eliminated the option.

You will also need the serial number of your PS3 or your PlayStation Network username or your login ID, and you may need to inform the settlement authorities when and where you purchased your console.

For easy reference, eligible PS3s should include the original 20GB, 40GB and later 80GB models, but not the PS3 Slim or the PS3 Super Slim. Here is another image to help you identify the correct model:


You are looking for the bright one on the left.

Sarah Tew / CNET

And here is where the serial number is:



Sony did not sell millions of these, however? Will I really see cash?

It's a good question, and that's why the "OtherOS Agreement" only promises up to $ 65 per claim.

Technically, lawyers attest that Sony sold as many as 10 million "fat" PS3s in the United States, which means that if each buyer filed a claim, he would get less than a dollar each. But that is not very likely. They would have to worry about OtherOS, remember when and where they bought the console, never sold or changed it, know the agreement in time and send the form immediately.

If only about 30,000 people file a claim, according to my estimate, they could probably receive the full $ 65.

Approximately 11,300 advance claims have already been filed since last September, according to court documents.

What happens if I think this is not fair?

If you want to protest or retain the ability to sue Sony yourself, you can do those things too, but you will have to do it quickly. You will find instructions here.

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