Has Demi Lovato hosted an award show prior to the 2020 People’s Choice Award?

Although known as a singer these days, Demi Lovato has done entertainment work across the board. A recipient and performer on several award shows, she took on host duty for the 46th annual People’s Choice Awards in 2020. Here is a look at its history as it relates to hosting.

Demi Lovato is hosting the 2020 People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards is an award show aired on E! Unlike many award shows, all winners are decided by fans, who vote for their favorite actors, singers, films, TV shows, and much more in categories such as Social Celebrity of the Year and Drama Movie of the Year. Huh.

October 27, 2020 I! Tweeted Using her “Cool for the Summer” song in Lovato, the song, “Can we keep a secret you, @ddlovato? Any plans on Sunday, November 15?” Lovato replied, “IDK … maybe @ hosting peopleschoice?!? ” In addition to hosting, his film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Is nominated.

He made his debut as an actor and singer on the Disney Channel

Demi Lovato in ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’ | John Madeland / Disney Channel via Getty Images

Lovato became famous for his work on the small screen. After working on the baby series Barney and friends, She joined Disney Channel as the star of a TV movie camp Rock. Lovato also found her sitcom on the network, Sonny With a Chance, Where he portrayed the main character, an actor on a sketch comedy series.

Disney is famous for hiring multi-talented teenagers who can do both acting and singing. Like his fellow stars of the time, including Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Lovato began a music career recording back-to-back albums do not forget And here we go again Via Disney’s Hollywood Records.

Lovato was a judge X Factor

Platinum-selling global sensation Demi Lovato will return to the panel of judges for season three of X Factor to be aired on Fox.
Platinum-selling global sensation Demi Lovato will return to the panel of judges for season three of X Factor to be aired on Fox. | Fox Image Collection via Getty Image

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After leaving the Disney Channel, Lovato continued to act, though sparingly. In addition to excluding later albums Unbroken, demi, And Tell me you love me, He has played recurring roles on popular series such as Musical Drama Glee And revived sitcom Will and grace.

But Lovato has spent as much time on TV as himself in recent years. She was a judge on the American music reality contest show X Factor During its second and third seasons in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Lovato has also been a guest judge RuPaul’s Drag Race And project Runway.

She was going to host a QB show

Although hosting and judging are similar, they are not the same. But Lovato is not completely inexperienced when it comes to the East. She filled in for titular host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show During an episode of March 2020. And she appeared in 2015 as a host during the charity event V Day with then-friend Gomez.

Lovato’s 2020 gig comes after the previous one suffered complications. The star was set to host its short-form series, Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato On Qwabi. The project was announced in early 2020 before the start of service. However, the day can never be seen in the show, as Quibb announced its closure in October 2020.

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