‘Has anyone died from a COVID injection?’

With some social media posts claiming that people died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, some wonder if the vaccine has directly caused any deaths.

WCPO viewer Jim Janszen wrote: “I was wondering if you could ask the doctor if anyone has died from getting the second dose of the vaccine: Moderna or Pfizer. I heard some people died from it … but nothing on the news. “

No deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine have been reported, said Dr. Steve Feagins, Hamilton County Medical Director of Public Health. Similarly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention I have not identified a single case in which a COVID-19 vaccine caused the death of someone.

Feagins said that although residents of a nursing home died after receiving an injection of COVID-19, the injections were not the cause of death.

“As we vaccinate nursing homes en masse, there is a death rate in nursing homes,” Feagins said. “Yes, people were vaccinated and later died of other causes, so we monitor the death rate very closely.”

Do the long-term care facilities that receive the vaccine have a higher mortality rate?

“The answer is no,” he said. “They have had a lower death rate because they have had less COVID. So while there have been deaths that occurred within seven days of the vaccine, those are investigated, they are evaluated. And, to my knowledge at this time, we have not found any cause and effect in relation to vaccine-related deaths. “

Although the second dose of the vaccine may cause a greater robust reaction, Feagins said that most people who experience side effects of the vaccine report a low fever, nausea, and pain at the injection site.

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