Harvey Weinstein’s bankruptcy judge confirmed sexual misconduct settlement: report

Harvey Weinstein’s settlement of sexual misconduct was allegedly approved by the judge to oversee his company’s bankruptcy proceedings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the now-confirmed settlement settles the most claims from women who have accused the former movie mogul of sexual misconduct.

The settlement includes $ 17 million for settlement between the accusers for their malpractice claims through the settlement system, while an additional $ 8.4 million will be included for bankruptcy claims unrelated to the malpractice allegations.

Earlier this month, about 40 women voted to accept the deal, the outlet reported.


Next, a sexual misconduct claim examiner will take a look at each claim filed in addition to documents and statements in support of the activity to provide a “point award”, which will be used to determine whether each of the accused’s $ 17 million how much? To receive.

The settlement of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct was confirmed by the bankrupt judge in Mogul, with most of the accused voting to accept the deal. (Photo via Johnny Easel / AFP Getty Image)

Each accused will be given the opportunity to issue all future claims against the former manufacturer should their claim be allowed.

The accused will receive their full payment when they agree to release Weinstein, while those who choose not to release him will receive only 25% of the pre-determined amount they are offered. The rest will go to insurance companies.

Weinstein involved in the deal is a mandatory continuing release of claims against the company’s board members as well as the company itself.

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The outlet reports that some of the accused oppose the deal and feel that those offering rape charges should not be evaluated at the same level as those who claim only harassment. Additionally, the financial penalty for not releasing claims – as well as the compulsory release of claims against others – has also been strongly opposed by some.

Attorney Jinnie Harrison represented the five plaintiffs and said their clients “have no doubt” the deal is fair according to the outlet.

The deal would split $ 17 million between his accusers.  (Via Alec Tabak / New York Daily News / Tribune News Service Getty Images)

The deal would split $ 17 million between his accusers. (Via Alec Tabak / New York Daily News / Tribune News Service Getty Images)

“It’s not a close call for us,” she said. “My customers see it as a no-brainer.”

US Bankruptcy Judge Mary F. Walrath agreed on Monday.

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“I will not analyze whether one victim’s claim has validity and more value than the other,” he said. “Every victim of Harvey Winstein was victimized and was entitled to say in confirmation of the plan. If they do not want to release Mr. Weinstein, they have the right to a jury trial.

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He said: “83 percent of the victims have expressed very strongly that they want to stop through the acceptance of the scheme.”

Weinstein’s attorney did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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