Harry Styles gives tea to fish at Super Stan’s house

When you don’t come home you will find a man who will feed your fish.
Photo: Diya Dipsupil / Getty Image

Many people cannot say that their favorite singer drank a cup of tea at his house and fed his fish. Now, a Harry Styles superfan named Theodora can claim that both of these things happened to him, but in a tragic twist of fate he misses Styles completely. On Wednesday, October 28 A Harry Styles fan named Theodora went viral To reveal that the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s car apparently broke down outside her house. A kind neighbor let Stiles into his home, where the pop star hung out with his father for a tea spot, and fed his fish on the go. “Just came home and found out who was sitting at home …” Theodora posted her Instagram post capturing pictures of Harry feeding him fish, which, as fate would have it, is also named Harry. There is a true fan.

Although it is very unfortunate that Theodora missed an opportunity to meet his fish name, he left her a cute little note and signed her copy. Nice line And even wearing a mask drew a picture of herself because she is thoughtful in that way. “Theodora, my car broke down on your street and your father’s friend kindly let me wait at his house with a cup of tea. I am devastated that we missed each other. Hope to see you soon. Treat kind people. All my love, Harry. PS I fed the fish, ”Harry wrote. “You contact Dad and I’ll see you at a show.” While it seems that Thidora and Harry’s path may cross again in a photo op after a concert halt at some point during their next tour (whenever that will be), it’s a good reminder that everyone is now Also stay alert and stay inside as much as possible because you never know when Harry Styles may need roadside assistance right outside your front door.

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