Harry Reid rips Lindsay Graham over Trump: ‘He goes to the dark’ after McCain dies.

Harry reidHarry Mason Readgood Grigg: After the court destroyed the relationship of Senate McConnell and Schumer, the court reported the morning of Hill Hill – sponsored by Facebook – Justice Barrett joined the court; Until the day before the election He said he hoped Sen Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin GrahamJuan Williams: Democrats’ Rise in New South Democrats Expands Senate Map, Arguments Focus on Health Care to Senate Candidates, and Experiences Putting GOP on Defense (RS.C.) lost its Senate race against Jaime Harrison (D) on Tuesday, with the former Democratic Senate majority leader accusing Graham of “going to the dark side” after his close friend and ally Sen. “. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainpolsey says Democrats will fast-track Obamacare, COVID-19 aid next year. Why would Maricopa County choose the next president. Trump called for more to link the new GDP figures with the pre-pandemic. (R-Ariz.) Died in 2018.

Reid’s attack, which retired in 2017, faces a stiff competition against Graham against Harrison, with only 3-point and 6-point leads to Graham in the first two most recent surveys on Election Day in Palmetto State, respectively have been shown. In 2014, Graham won around 15 points.

“It’s very hard for me to say because Lindsay and I worked on stuff together. And when John McCain died, he just went towards the dark,” Reid told MSNBC’s Ayman Moildin. “He was more happy playing golf with Donald Trump.”

Reid, 80, said, “I hope Lindsay loses. It’s hard for me to say, but I hope he loses.”

Graham repeatedly cited Reid for implementing the so-called “nuclear option” in 2013 when Senate rules were changed to allow the Supreme Court to be confirmed by a simple majority instead of the traditional 60 votes.

Republicans voted in 2017 to lower the threshold for Supreme Court nominees, approving the GOP-led chamber President TrumpDonald John Trumpgood has allowed the Trump police panel to publish the report, but with Lady Gaga’s rejection at the Biden rally: Trump ‘believes his fame gives him the right to usurp women’ Pelosi says Is that the President is ready to decide the election if the election results are disputedOpts for High Court with a simple majority.


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