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Harry Potter will be rebooted eventually

Daniel Radcliffe, also known as Harry Potter, also known as the child he lived, also known as a corpse with farts that once believed J.K. From Rowling Harry Potter The story will be told again at some point. If that means cinema, television or something else, you're not sure, but it's definitely coming. "I'm sure there will be some other version," he said. "I know I'm not the last Harry Potter I'll see in my life, we already have some more."

Radcliffe refers to theater actors Jamie Parker and Gareth Reeves, who have played the role in Harry Potter and the damn child. We will probably get a film version of that at some point, but Radcliffe believes that the original films will one day also be revisited:

It will be interesting to see how long those films remain … there seems to be a sacred character around them at this time, but that will disappear, the glow will disappear at some point. It will be interesting if they restart them and simply go back to making the movies or doing a series; I'm fascinated to see.

With all the money Harry Potter To this day, I agree with Radcliffe that a restart is bound to occur sooner or later. A long-running television program could work …

As for Radcliffe, at this time, he is promoting his new TBS program. Miraculous workers, where he plays an angel who responds to prayers for a strange hippie version of God played by Steve Buscemi. Count on me.

Would you ever be willing to join another great one, Harry PotterQuaint franchise? "Any project for which the script is good, I would be interested," he said. "I can fully understand why some directors would hesitate to assign me a franchise because I have a lot of baggage from another franchise, so I can see why that makes people not necessarily want to do that, but I would be very happy to do so."

An interesting rumor that started recently was that Radcliffe wants to play Wolverine, now that Marvel is trying to change Hugh Jackman. Naturally, the internet jumped on top of that, and it was not long before we had an artistic version of what it would look like:

The rumor began with a joke that Radcliffe made during an interview with Cabling, but as he explained to IGN, there's nothing like that

This is what happens when you make jokes. Would not it be great if you could start heading off just to tell them in interviews? So I guess people have been asking something about Wolverine and me, and I made a joke about [playing] Wolverine after being in a hot wash, as if I had shrunk in a hot wash, and the internet seems to think I was putting it into the cosmic ordering system of my dream board.

Radcliffe isHowever, open to do the Tiny Wolverine demonstration If you are asked "If some super talented writer wants to write Baby Wolf and turn it into a massive franchise, I'm inside."

If I can nerd here for a second, in the comics, Wolverine is supposed to be 5 "3." One foot taller than that, it's Hugh Jackman who's out. "I know Radcliffe is joking about playing a small Wolverine above, but with 5 "5", is actually much closer to the character as originally conceived. So, maybe the idea is not so crazy …?

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