“Harry Potter” actress Jessie Cave has revealed that her child is COVID-19

About 11 weeks after taking her child home from the hospital, actress Jessie Cave announced that she was isolated in a hospital room with her son, who tested positive for it COVID-19. Cave, best known for playing the role of Lavender Brown in the “Harry Potter” series, shared the news on Instagram on Tuesday.

Cave posted an image of his baby boy on a hospital bed, as he watched the lockdown announcement of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday night. “I saw the news about the lockout from a different room in the hospital. The poor child is positive,” she wrote. “He is fine and doing well, but they are getting cautious and alert, thankfully. This strain is super powerful and contagious so I hope people take extra care in the coming weeks.”

Johnson announced New lockdown measures On Monday night, the country reels from a new coronovirus variant that has pushed infection rates to their highest record levels.

The new COVID-19 strain, first found in Britain last month, has also been found in several states, including California New York. Health experts from the UK and US said that stress infects more easily than others, but there is no evidence that it is more fatal. As BBC News reported, scientists are investigating whether the new variants spread easily to children.

The UK Government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threatus Advisory Group (Nervtag) says that if stress spreads more easily in children, it may account for a “significant proportion” of the country’s increase in transmission. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that according to the BBC stress poses a major health risk for children.

It is not clear which strain of the covid-19 cave baby is infected. In her post, the 33-year-old mother of three opened up to a difficult start to 2021.

“Didn’t really want my families to start the new year. Didn’t really want to go back to a hospital soon after his painful birth,” Cave wrote. “Once again I am in awe of nurses and doctors. This makes me even more proud of my brother, and an e-doctor @dopardmed and my father, Raja GP @ davidlloyd73.”

He wished his followers to get well soon for their child. “He is [9 lbs 7 oz] Now he is a strong and big boy, when we were in a hospital room (and the needle went into his hand with more powerful screams), “The cave continued. Love and best wishes to all.”

Kew announced the birth of his son in an Instagram post on 22 October. In the post, he praised the health care workers. “It’s been a very different experience for my first two births … a lot more humble, awful and out of my control. We’re currently in the newborn unit, but he’s a strong boy and it’s the safest for him right now. there is space.” ” She wrote.

“The post has been awesome of Daru (Magda and Daisy) and doctors and newborn nurses (the first person to welcome us to the ward was Rosaria and she was very relaxed),” her post continued. He does not appear to have shared his child’s name publicly.


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