Harris Acknowledges Major New Welfare Spending In The $ 1.9T COVID Relief Bill Was ‘Intentional’

Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged Friday that part of the purpose of the Democrats’ $ 1.9 billion American Rescue Plan, which received no Republican support, was to pass social policies to address issues like child care.

“This was the intentional purpose of the American rescue plan, which was to look at child care, to look at our child care workers, to look at our children, to lift them out of poverty,” Harris said in New Haven, Connecticut, on Friday. “And to do what has been overlooked for a long time, which is to understand that our children, we cannot in public policy subordinate them, as you know, it is because I suppose they are small people, small problems.”

In particular, the American Rescue Plan increases the Child Tax Credit from $ 2,000 to up to $ 1,600 for parents of young children, and also expands eligibility.

The Earned Income Tax Credit was also expanded.


Harris also said that elements included in the bill aimed at helping households, including direct payments and an extension of unemployment benefits, indirectly help children in the context of supporting the family in which they are living. raising the child.

Republicans resisted the massive spending effort in part on the grounds that it was “not about the virus,” as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, said during an early news conference. of this month. Instead, they said Democrats used their majorities in Congress to push their own spending agenda with taxpayer money.

“This is a waste of money, less than 9% goes to COVID. This is a reward for [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s political friends, “McCarthy said during an interview with Fox & Friends.

Senator Bill Hagerty called the legislation a “Democratic wish list of socialist programs.”


As The Washington Post reported earlier this month, Democrats were said to have mounted an “11-hour momentum” in recent days before aid legislation was passed to encourage President Biden to make the fight against the child poverty a priority, resulting in the creation of what the publication described as a “sudden and unexpected” $ 120 billion social program.

Republicans have not specifically criticized the provisions of the child care law, but have tended to attack what they see as wasteful spending.

The administration is reportedly planning two more spending initiatives: an infrastructure investment and a “people-centered” domestic policy push.

It’s unclear how much the proposals would cost (a price tag of $ 3 trillion has been proposed), but the White House has said it will raise taxes on the wealthiest homes and corporations as a means to offset some of those expenses.

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