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Harley LiveWire electric motorcycle: 0-60 in 3 seconds and $30,000

Harley-Davidson is releasing details about the electric motorcycle that is being launched this year. The company hopes to capture the imagination of a new generation of brokers and put a burden on their sales decreasing.

The LiveWire, which will soon be available in a limited number of dealerships, will cost almost $ 30,000 and can go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds. There is no clutch or displacement. Harley said Thursday's buyers will have access to the free charge at participating LiveWire dealerships during the first two years.

The Milwaukee motorcycle company has struggled with declining sales and aging customer base in the US UU And abroad. Its sales of motorcycles in the United States decreased 4.2% and international sales fell 3.3% in the first quarter of this year.

Traditional gas-powered Harley cycles range from around $ 6,900 for a compact urban model to nearly $ 44,000 for a fully-loaded touring bicycle.

Electrify America, a Volkswagen subsidiary created to build refueling sites after Volkswagen resolved the allegations that it had cheated diesel emissions, will provide an additional free charge.

Zero to 60 in 3 seconds is certainly fast, but when it comes to the acceleration of an electric vehicle, a four-wheel vehicle can still go faster. The high-end Tesla Model S (P100D with "absurd speed") can make that trip in 2.4 seconds.

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