Happy birthday Golf GTI: it’s the new Clubsport 45

Welcome to the latest special edition of the Golf GTI, this time in honor of the model’s 45th anniversary. Slated to go on sale in the UK in April for less than £ 40,000, it’s mechanically identical to the regular Clubsport (which, as we know, is the GTI you really want).

That means you’re seeing 296 bhp with the 2.0-liter turbocharged, front-wheel drive, a dual-clutch automatic, and upgraded bases compared to the standard GTI.

In addition to the 19-inch gloss black alloys with red trim, black roof and spoiler, and “45” logos, the Clubsport 45 gets something called a “Race Package.” This gives you a fruity Akrapovic exhaust and, interestingly, removes the 155mph limiter for a higher top speed, as yet undisclosed.

Inside it has GTI lettering on the front seats plus another ’45’ logo on the steering wheel.

VW has been making commemorative editions of the Golf GTI since its 20th anniversary in 1996. Our favorite so far is the Clubsport Edition 40, based on the Mk7 Golf GTI and launched in 2016. Do you think this one will change its mind?

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