Hannity Deliver Most Absolute Defense Still of Woodward Trump Tapes

After Wednesday’s blockbuster revelation that President Donald Trump admitted to journalist Bob Woodward that he had deliberately misled the American public about the dangers of COVID-19, several Fox News personalities attempted to run for cover for the president. Sean Hannity’s defense of the president, however, was perhaps the most ridiculous yet.

In comparing the epidemic of Trump to the nation’s head Franklin Delano Roosevelt through the Great Depression, Hannity — sometimes referred to as Trump’s “shadow chief” —is the FDR’s most famous figure Work together.

“Does President Roosevelt see the flame of sorrow? Did he call for panic and worry? No, they really defied a nation in times of need and focused on strengthening Americans by staying positive, and they worked and rolled up their sleeves, ”Fox Ghost announced. “During World War II, with the country on the verge, FDR declared, ‘We have nothing more to fear.’ Well, those were brutally difficult times. Did the media attack him? Not at all. ”

Hannity was quoted as saying that Roosevelt had declared that “the only fear is fear,” which FDR said during his first presidential inauguration in 1933. The on-air graphic during the Fox segment read: “Hannities History Lesson.”