Hands-on with Heroes of the Storm’s Alexstrasza & Hanzo at BlizzCon 2017


There are two new heroes coming to the Nexus they usually each convey the spirit of the dragon in several methods. Blizzard introduced through the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony that Heroes of the Storm would quickly add Overwatch’s Hanzo and Warcraft’s Alexstrasza to the playable roster.

Both characters add some heavy firepower to the Heroes roster, albeit in their very own distinctive methods. Shacknews was lucky to go hands-on with each of those heroes throughout this BlizzCon weekend.

Let’s begin with Alexstrasza. She’ll take the battlefield in her human type, however her trait is in contrast to another in Heroes of the Storm. Her Dragonqueen trait permits her to remodel into her highly effective dragon type and combat alongside her allies in that type. As Hanzo confirmed of their debut cinematic, Alex’s dragon type is not invincible, however it’s totally able to fully swinging matchups.

Here are Alexstrasza’s skills:

  • (Q) Gift of Life: Alexstrasza can take off 15% of her personal Health bar and use it to heal an ally for 150% of that quantity. It’s a pricey heal, however one that might badist a extra highly effective ally in a pinch. Alex’s Dragonqueen type doesn’t have this downside and might heal an ally with out penalty.
  • (W) Abundance: Alexstrasza locations a seed on the bottom that blooms after three seconds, therapeutic any ally close to that floor. This is just helpful in case your teammates stand nonetheless lengthy sufficient to heal up, so ensure that they’re close by and are not transferring an excessive amount of. Alex’s Dragonqueen type will enhance this transfer’s radius.
  • (E) Flame Buffet: This is Alexstrasza’s main damage-dealing spell, as she launches fireballs at foes for 75 harm over 5.5 seconds. Repeated strikes do heavier harm, whereas additionally slowing the goal. Alex’s Dragonqueen type will add Knockback to this badault. This shall be a go-to badault for a lot of gamers.
  • (R1) Life-Binder: Want to play Alex as a healer? Use this Heroic Ability, which binds Alex’s Health with an ally. Whoever has the decrease life complete may have their well being boosted to the identical stage as their teammate.
  • (R2) Cleansing Flame: This badault hits arduous and is more likely to see rather more play than Life-Binder. Cleansing Flame sees Alex take to the skies and rain down 5 fireballs wherever the mouse cursor is pointing. This is able to taking down a number of Heroes without delay.

Alex is an odd duck, as a result of I did not discover her too efficient as a healer. That’s most likely as a result of I used to be taking part in with AI teammates, who could not stand nonetheless to benefit from Abundance, however I discovered myself happening the offensive with Alex most of the time. Her Flame Buffet and Cleansing Flame hit very arduous and might strike from afar, conserving her at a comparatively protected distance.

Her trait can also be price mentioning, as a result of how usually can somebody flip right into a dragon on the faucet of the (D) key? Alex’s badaults get considerably extra highly effective when she makes use of her Dragonqueen trait and is able to main prices. The bother is that it wears off shortly and it has a lengthy cooldown. The cooldown can get lowered with late-game skills, nevertheless it’s one thing to bear in mind. Don’t abuse the dragon energy.

Next, let us take a look at Hanzo. Fans of Overwatch ought to be accustomed to what the archer can do, so let us take a look at Hanzo’s badaults:

  • (Q) Storm Bow: Hanzo’s bow hits arduous, inflicting 270 harm to the primary enemy hit. It will be charged for long-range badaults.
  • (W) Scatter Arrow: The first enemy that will get nailed with this will get broken for 85, however Scatter Arrow will get extra harmful after hitting terrain and buildings. It’ll break up and ricochet, inflicting further harm to any enemy these arrows strike.
  • (E) Sonic Arrow: Need a have a look at what’s up forward? Fire the Sonic Arrow to get an Eight-second look into the Fog of War. Skilled marksmen ought to look to land the Sonic Arrow instantly on an enemy’s skull for large harm.
  • (R1) Dragonstrike: Overwatch gamers ought to be all-too-familiar with this transfer. Hanzo unleashes his twin Spirit Dragons, inflicting gradual harm to any enemies they move. Enemies caught within the center take 150% harm.
  • (R2) Dragon’s Arrow: Hanzo’s additionally bringing one thing new to the desk. The Dragon’s Arrow transfer can journey throughout the battlefield, exploding on an enemy and inflicting large harm to them and all close by allies, whereas additionally beautiful them. There’s big potential for shenanigans right here, which I am going to contact on in only a second.

Hanzo goes to take loads of effort to grasp, particularly since there is a studying curve to his Natural Agility trait. This trait permits Hanzo to leap to the other aspect of unpathable terrain or a Structure. The bother with that is that the terrain or Structure must be focused. That’s tough when on the run. In my case, by the point I used to be capable of goal one thing, it was too late and I used to be already useless. I think about that it is one thing extra superior gamers will get essentially the most out of, whereas informal gamers lose persistence with it.

I discovered Hanzo to be an efficient offensive scout. Sonic Arrow is a useful transfer to see what’s on the horizon, whereas Scatter Arrow is a strong offensive choice. While Scatter Arrow would not have almost the vary that one thing like Medivh’s raven does, it is nonetheless an important device for scouting any hazard that could be up forward.

Dragonstrike could be a superb sentimental transfer for Overwatch gamers, however let’s not ignore the potential harm that Dragon’s Arrow can do. Skilled Hanzo gamers will have the ability to sit on this transfer as an emergency measure. If the staff needs to hurry forward and Hanzo is simply respawning, he can fireplace off the Dragon’s Arrow all the best way throughout the map and fully wipe out the opposing staff, setting them up for a bloodbath. I am wanting to see what professional Heroes gamers can do with this badault, as a result of I get the sense that this could possibly be insanely highly effective in the proper palms.

Look for Alexstrasza to come back to the Heroes of the Storm PTR first, adopted by Hanzo shortly thereafter. The PTR is anticipated to get these heroes within the weeks forward.

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