Hands-on with AirPods Max

Today is AirPods Max, the official launch day for Apple’s newest headphone family of AirPods. The AirPods Max is a bit controversial due to the high price, so we picked up a pair to see what you’re getting for that $ 549 price tag.

The AirPods Max features aluminum ear cups that are cool to the touch with forged padded ear cushions and a mesh headband. By design, the headphones look and feel premium when it comes to quality build. At the top is a digital crown which is a good physical control method, as well as a button for active noise cancellation.

The buttons work well, but we missed the inclusion of the power button because there is no way to turn off the headphones. They go into standby mode when removed or when the Ultra Low Power Mode is correct when inserted into the case, but is otherwise not a power control option.

Talking about the matter, it is not very good. It looks awkward and does not provide any protection at all as it is made of a soft material. The case does not cover the headband, and the bottom also opens, so this is not something you want to toss in a bag with your $ 549 headphones.

The case does not charge headphones (it includes a USB-C to Lightning cable), and is made of a smart cover-like material that can attract dust and dirt.

Airpods max case

When it comes to comfort, AAAPPods Max did not ache, even if they were very Heavy, but we have used them for a short time so far. The amount of time we have held to them, we have been impressed with the level of comfort and the way the mesh band distributes weight on the head. The binocular arms are also a nice touch to adjust the fit, and overall, everything feels premium.

airpods max digital crown

By the way, the ear cushions are magnetic and pop off, so if you want to buy a second set for $ 69 when Apple starts selling them, you can mix and match the colors. The headband is not removable though, so ear cushions are the only customization option.

The AirPods Max has all the features of the H1 over other P AirPods, so expect quick pairing, easy device swapping, and a long Bluetooth range. They have an adaptive EQ to adjust the sound to fit on your head, and have active noise cancellation. We’re going to go deeper into active noise cancellation in future videos that compare AAAPPods Max to other noise-canceling headphones, but so far, noise cancellation is excellent.

AirPods Max Ear Cups

In terms of sound quality, ofAirPods Max’s sound is surprisingly crisp, even at high volume levels. Combined with active noise cancellation, it is a distinct experience that completely blocks the outside world.

We haven’t been able to test the battery life, but Apple says that irAAPPods Max will last a maximum of 20 hours before recharging. There is also a quick charge feature that gives you an hour of battery life after five minutes.

AirPods Max Headphone Cup

AirPods Max now has to wait 12 to 14 weeks when ordering online for shipping, but you may be able to get them at an Apple retail location if you now check each morning that store pickup is available.

Have you picked up irAirPods Maxh? Are they worth the price? Tell us in the comments.


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