Hands-On: Top iOS 14 Sleeper Features [Video]

There is no shortage of high profile changes and features in iOS 14 beta, but it also has some hidden elements that help make our list of the top iOS 14 sleeper features.

Excessive days, iOS 14 is loaded with large standout features such as compact call interfaces, app libraries, and widgets, but there are many hidden iOS 14 features that are recognizable. In this hands-on video walkthrough, we will explore 10 of our favorite iOS 14 sleeper features.

More powerful markup tool

The markup tool in iOS 14 gets quite a few enhancements that feel more important to the color toolset available in MacOS. Most notably, the markup utility gets a new eyedropper tool to color sample anything displayed on the screen.

Eyedropper tools, combined with the new ability to save favorite colors, are new additions to the iOS 14 markup tool. Both can help speed up workflow and enhance creative capabilities in various apps.

But those iOS are not the only new additions to markup in iOS. There are also new Spectrum and Sliders color selection tabs that also incorporate more fine-grained color capabilities iOS markup.

Video: Top iOS 14 Sleeper Features

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Tap back

A new back tap feature has been introduced within the accessibility settings of iOS 14, which was a fury for developers on the first day of the iOS 14 beta rollout. The back tap feature works just as you think, and allows you to perform tasks on your iPhone by double or triple-tapping the back of your iPhone.

The back tap accessibility shortcut connects to a host of other shortcuts available on iOS that can perform all types of tasks. And with the availability of more powerful shortcuts and automation found within the stock shortcut app, you can turn on a light, or lock your door by double-tapping the back of your iPhone.

I assigned a double back tap for a shortcut, which turns off my office string lights

The back tap has thus far not been placed at stake, as it is very sensitive, resulting in action whenever you act. But this is a beta period, and hopefully, Apple will be able to reduce the sensitivity of the back tap in later beta.

Mirror selfie

If you venture into the settings for the stock camera app in iOS 14, you’ll get a new option that allows you to mirror selfie photos taken with the front-facing camera. This option, which actually states it, shows the front camera preview for what-you-see-a-what-you-end result.

Quick style in notes

The Notes app is a reliable word processing and note-taking tool that I use regularly. Over the years the app has gained more formatting features that make notes easier to put out and read, and this latest beta is no exception to that trend. In iOS 14 you can now long press on the format button to reveal a new quick style popup menu to quickly apply the format to your text.

Carrier lock information

Want an alternative way to prove to a potential buyer that your iPhone is unlocked? A new carrier lock information pane within Settings → General → About makes it easy to see the status of your iPhone’s carrier relationship.

Private wi-fi address

iOS 14 has a lot of new privacy and security enhancements, such as the ability to provide apps with approximate location rather than precise location. But one of the smaller under-radar features is the new ability to enable a private Wi-Fi connection that will not transmit your device’s actual MAC address. This can help reduce your iPhone and its related activity while connected to Wi-Fi.

Spotlight quick launcher

Spotlight gains Mac-like ability to quickly launch websites and apps in iOS 14. Just launch Spotlight, type a few characters from your favorite app or website, and use the Go to the resulting search result button via the software keyboard.

Back button extended

If you find yourself deep within the Settings app, you’ll probably get a new advanced back button for iOS 14 to be useful. Just long-press on the back button in the upper left-hand corner, and you’ll be presented with the entire hierarchy of the Settings app relative to your specific location.

Limit to photo library

While it may use some refinement, the ability to select photos that are being shared with third-party applications, rather than providing complete unauthorized access to your entire photo library, is a much-needed privacy feature included in iOS 14 Increase. I just wished that allows you to select the entire folder instead of selecting individual photos. Hopefully, such refinements will be added to upcoming versions of the beta.

Webpage translation

Webpage translation is a feature that has made Safari disappear on all major Apple platforms until this year. With iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, Safari now includes the ability to natively translate foreign language websites to iOS 14.. In previous versions of iOS, you would need to use a Safari extension or a third-party browser to translate webpages.

9to5Mac’s Tech

As we mentioned earlier, iOS 14 is filled with all kinds of excellent new features and changes. But sometimes less important under-radar features also make a big difference.

What is your favorite sleeper feature in iOS 14? Are there any features that don’t appear in this list that you think should have been included? Sound in the comments below with your thoughts.

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