Hancock from Britain says new Kovid mutation is ‘out of control’

Photographer: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP / Getty Images

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UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that the new strain of coronavirus is “out of control” and suggested parts of England would be held under new, higher sanctions until a vaccine was rolled out.

More than 16 million Britons are required to stay home in London and southeast England following Sunday’s lockout, and the government planned to relax socialization rules over Christmas.

Measures to control the rapid spread of new types of home-mix viruses in those areas and in the rest of England are to restrict socialization just for Christmas day. Residents around the country were asked to keep in their local areas, and additional police were stationed at rail stations to deter people traveling outside London.

“The cases have completely stoned, so we have a long way to go now,” Hank told Sky News. “I think it will be very difficult to keep it under control until the vaccine is rolled out.” People in the new Tier 4 regions “should behave as they should,” he said.

Hancock said 350,000 people were vaccinated by Saturday morning, with the ambition to reach 500,000 by the end of the weekend.

Johnson originally planned to reduce the pandemic rules to five days during the holiday, but made a sudden change after emergency negotiations with the authorities on the virus mutation.

Emerging scientific evidence suggests a new version – which Hancock has said has also appeared in Australia and continental Europe – that can spread much faster than previous strains in circulation and in recent times Is behind the increase in infection.

“We made a commitment to know that there was going to be a new variant that spreads very quickly,” Hancock said. He said there is “no evidence” that the new strain – VUI-202012/01 – is minor compared to the original virus.

“We understand that the virus is not the cause of more serious disease,” Maria Van Kerkhov, the Kovid-19 technical head at the World Health Organization, told the BBC’s Andrew Mara program.

Resignation call

The video, shared on social media, showed a dash for trains outside London on Saturday evening.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said in a statement that more transport police would be deployed to prevent people traveling outside the capital. Hancock said Schaap is investigating compensation payments for canceled tickets.

Lisa Nandy of the opposition Labor Party said the change in policy was “a perfect example” of Johnson, promising that he knows he can’t keep up about Christmas. “

“I think we have this going on from the government,” Nandy told Andrew Mara.

Charles Walker, an MP for Johnson’s Conservative Party, told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper that Hancock should resign. Another Tory MP, Mark Harper, representing a caucus who opposes the measures for lockdown, urged the government to call lawmakers on their leave to have a vote on tougher virus measures.

Hancock said a vote would take place in January.

(WHO experts comment in the ninth paragraph, asking Hancock for his 14th resignation.)


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