Hammerhead’s identity is revealed in ‘The Masked Dancer’ Episode 4

Gym, Tanning, Laundry, Dance. The next jersey to appear on Fox’s “The Masked Dancer” is “Jersey Shore” star Winnie Guadagino.

On Wednesday’s edition of the hit series, Guadagnino was revealed to be the person under the Hamedhead Shark costume. He was unmasked after dancing to Santa Esmeralda’s version of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”.

“I’m not a singer or dancer, but it’s probably a little bit more in my wheel house,” Guadagnino told Diversity. “So I was like, I was a little scared but I think I can do this thing. Let’s try it out.” I didn’t even really know that I was going to make it past like a week, so I quit making love with it and actually became competitive with it. It was a great experience. “

Guadagnino said that her dance experience comes as a child to break into parties.

He said, “So I had a little bit but learning choreography is a completely different game in itself.” “It’s definitely hard to do something to jump right in, but it’s in my wheel, I love a challenge and I like to learn something and stimulate my brain to learn and like I’m obsessed Go. I was rehearsing in my room every night like this until I knocked it down because I didn’t want to just half-ass it. “

Then he added that to the costume, and the Guadagino was a heavy one: “I was literally like a 40-pound muscle suit and you can’t even look out of a mask, you can’t do anything,” he said. “You lose all your senses, you can barely even breathe in it. It would be very difficult to learn choreography on its own.”

Guadagnino stated that he was presented with a Hammerhead costume, and immediately felt it was appropriate. “Obviously being part of the ‘Jersey Shore’, I’m like the artists around me like people with big muscles. But I’m not that guy, I’m more like a low-key skinny guy so I’m really I am very close to that character without a character. “

Among the panelists, Ken Jeong and Brian Austin Green came close, but with inmates of the wrong “Jersey Shore”. Jeong thought it was Pauly D, while Green guessed Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Paula Abdul thought it was David Dobrick and Ashley Tisdale thought it was Kevin Hart. Guest panelist Whitney Cummings pyeong d. Jeongong was involved in the picking. This episode featured New Jersey and Suntan Lotion.

“When I heard names like Zac Efron I was very happy. Eminem, Joe Rogan, “Guadagnino said of the previous projections.” I feel all right like these are very nice people. So I was happy about it. I think Paula once guessed me, but I’m glad no one really guessed it, I’d rather make a big reveal. “

As for what’s next, Guadagnino said he hopes that “people just look at it and see that I can do different things, I’m more than a reality star, always a challenge and For entertaining people. I hope to be a part of this show, somehow in the future or other shows like that. I like to entertain and I want to do just that. “

Guadagnino had previously danced “Everybody,” by the Backstreet Boys, and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. Past projections of the panelists included Carrot Top, Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, Ryan Seacrest, Joe Rogan and Guadagnino’s “Jersey Shore” co-star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

“The Masked Dancer” includes a “Word Up” feature, in which each contestant calls a word clue to their identity. Guadagnino’s first “Word Up” was “Dramatic” and the second “Word Up” was “Heartbreaker”.

The costumes for this season include zebra, tulip, sloth, exotic bird, cotton candy, cricket, disco ball, moth, ice cube and hammerhead. Previously unmaked were Brian McKnight, The Cricket as Elizabeth Smart, Moth as Elizabeth Smart, Ice Cube as Bill Ney the Science Guy, and Disco Ball as Ice-T.

The show features a cast of 10 celebrities worldwide, including more than 38 million albums sold worldwide, 20 Emmy Award wins, 20 Grammy Award nominations, 10 World Dance titles, five New York Times Best -Sailing author titles, four Olympic gold medals and three Broadway appearances. “

Here were the other contestants and their performances on episode five, “Super Six”:

Cotton Candy, “The Masked Dancer”
Courtesy of Fox

cotton candy

Dance: “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis
Bonus Clue: Five gold balloons
Panel Estimate: Tara Lipinski, Gabby Butler, Simon Biles, Christy Yamaguchi
voice over: “I am no stranger to the competition, but it is different. After I fell, I didn’t know if I could continue dancing. Some haters said in the past that I can’t dance. I am about to perform a crazy fun swing that will change their minds. “
Last Dance: “Glitter in the Air” by Pink; “Sour Candy,” by Lady Gaga Feat. Black pink
Previous word ups: “Main Time”; “team player”
The previous panel estimates: Jenna Dewan, Pink, Julienne Hof, Tara Lipinski, Christy Yamaguchi.

Lazy image

Exotic bird, “The Masked Dancer”
Courtesy of Fox

Exotic birds

Dance: “Rush” from Luis Capali’s feat. Jessie Reyes
Bonus Clue: Rose tattoo
Panel Estimate: Kat Von D, Dita Von Tees, Ashley Graham, Kate Upton
voice over: “When this competition started, I was under super stress. I have already been made fun of for my dance. But when the music started, I felt it was everything. Life has truly changed since becoming Mama Bird. But being under the mask has helped me recover from my sultry. “
Last Dance: “Con Kalma,” by Daddy Yankee and Katy Perry Feat. Snow; “Latch,” by Disclosure Feat. Sam Smith
Previous word ups: “Scored”; “number one”
The previous panel estimates: Hope Solo, Jennifer Hudson, Venus Williams, Janet Jackson, Jordan Sparks, Kate Hudson, Megan The Stienion

Lazy image

Sloth, “The Masked Dancer”
Courtesy of Fox


Dance: Dean Martin “Doesn’t Have a Kick in the Head”
Bonus Clue: Wired 1 18
Panel Estimate: Bradley Cooper, John C. Reilly, the true Baron Cohen
voice over: “I cannot be new on the dance floor, but this show has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It helps that no one knows who I am. But I can’t wait to find out my family. I am going to do a new dance style every week to get that trophy. “
Last Dance: “What I Like About You”, by Romatink; “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
Previous word ups: “Broadway”; “hero”
The previous panel estimates: Matthew Morrison, Kevin Federline, Jason Derulo, Jonathan Groff, Keegan-Michael Key, Will Ferrell

Lazy image

Tulip, “The Masked Dancer”
Courtesy of Fox


Dance: “Thank You, Next,” by Ariana Grande
Bonus Clue: “Second Annual Mother-Daughter Dance”
Panel Estimate: Sara Highland, Simon Biles, Julianne Hof
voice over: “This compeititon is just real. Believe it or not, I’ve never enjoyed the competition. But since being here, I’ve come to fall in love with the performance again. I’ve tapped, I’ve done an emotional dance. But tonight, I’m going back to one of the first dances I’ve ever learned. Put that in front! “
Last Dance: “Fergusius,” by bogus; “Fields of Gold,” by Eva Cassidy
Previous word ups: “Triple”; “Princess”
The previous panel estimates: Charlie D’Aleo, Ariana Grande, Heather Morris, Sarah Hyland, Hayden Panettier, Kristen Bell, Charlie D’Melio, Simon Biles

Lazy image

Zebra, “The Masked Dancer”
Courtesy of Fox

The zebra

Dance: “I’m Giant” by J. Bulvin and Willie William
Bonus Clue: To
Panel Estimate: LL Cool J, Oscar de la Hoya, Floyd Mayweather
voice over: “I had two left legs before I became a zebra. But look where I am now, Super Six! At first, wearing the mask made me out. Honestly, I am very claustrophobic. But performing again felt like reclaiming my soul. I may not be the best dancer, but I love it! So I’m going to keep the fun Latin vibes. “
Last Dance: “Magalehna” by Sergio Mendes; “All My Life,” by K-Ci and Jojo
Previous word ups: “Return”; “the champion”
The previous panel estimates: Ricky Martin, Kevin Richardson, Pitbull, Floyd Mayweather, Mario Lopez, Tito Ortiz, Tony Barbins

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