Halo Infiniti’s latest music track has been released and It’s Straight Fire

Halo Infiniti has released another new track from the game’s soundtrack and it still sounds great.

Regardless of what you might think of the early gameplay or visuals Hello infinite, It should be easy to agree what we’ve heard about the game’s new score which has sounded excellent so far. Now, the first full track titled Xbox Series X Launch has been officially released to the public, and it may be better than we initially thought.

Today, 343 Industries released the first track via the official Halo YouTube channel Endless In Purna, whose name is Reverie. The song was featured in a recent campaign gameplay demo we saw a few weeks ago during the Xbox Games showcase and is written by Curtis Howitzer. While it is not a rockin track like some of the more iconic songs in the history of the saga, it is instead more subtle and gradually incorporates notable themes from the franchise that many will immediately recognize.

You can listen to the entirety of Reverie here:

While many can argue Aura While Bungie still worked in the franchise, it did a whole lot better, the music for the series didn’t skip a beat over the years. Hello infinite, So far, doesn’t seem to be any different, either. Not only the songs of the game we have heard so far sound excellent, but the stature of those who work on the title’s music is quite remarkable.

With Schweitzer above, Endless Also works by Gareth Coker, who recently scored Orient and the Will of the Whips. If you haven’t played the latest Ori The installment so far, allows me to say that Coker’s work on the game was brilliant and worthy of endless praise. If their previous music is any indication, they should fit perfectly in the world here. Aura.

Hello infinite This season season is set to release later on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. And best of all, the multiplayer portion of the game will be free-to-play for all.