Hallmark fans break away from 1 common Christmas movie trope

The holiday season touches almost every aspect of life at the close of each year. Everyone is in the mood for the season, with Christmas carols, festive decorations and family traditions. For some TV fans though, there is a tradition they all look forward to for the year — Hallmark Channel’s Christmas special. These formula films have just the right amount of cheeses and sentimentalities to be a fine tradition to watch with friends and family and for many they have become a treasured part of the Christmas season. While some viewers expect them to see anything but the joys of cookie-cutter Christmas, these films have a distinctive trope that some fans simply cannot find.

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Without fail each winter, Hallmark lets viewers enjoy the fun of watching Christmas and holiday-themed original films. Although these films often feature similar actors and recycled storylines, the audience still does not get enough. For many, the holiday season is not new and challenging plot lines and surprises – it is the comfort and warmth of the familiar. Keeping this in mind, Hallmark has found a niche with family-friendly holiday programming every year. Although often revisiting similar plot lines, these films always provide a guaranteed feel-good experience and can feel for many families as if re-inspecting the holiday classics every year, without having to see the exact same film do.

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Although the trope used repeatedly in Hallmark Christmas films has received some controversial opinions by fans. Time travel appears again and again in their stories and some fans feel that it takes away from their immersion in the holiday spirit. During the discussion on Reddit, one viewer commented “I hate the time travel trope. Especially when the person travels further in time and so readily accepts cell phones, cars, computers, current fashion, etc., And there is no complete mental break. They only move into the 21st century. “

It can be quite difficult to sell time travel as credible in a film about the comforts of Christmas instead of science fiction. Although Hallmark makes good films, much is expected when the appeal of his films is a familiar and comfortable structure. This has certainly not prevented the network from attempting this controversial trope repeatedly with mixed results.

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The inclusion of time travel in the Christmas story is at least as old as Charles Dickens, and when Hallmark was released It’s christmas, carol In 2012, it was obviously not hard for viewers to enjoy a modern take on the classic A christmas anthem. Pete’s christmas Debuted in 2013 and was not such a stretch for audiences to accept Groundhog day– Make it your base and enjoy. At the end of the year there is something natural about living in the past and looking towards the future and it encourages both these subjects to work well together.

Hallmark was yet to be reviewed by Dickens, most notably Ghost’s Christmas Past, which clearly inspired Hallmark’s next visit in 2014 Back at christmas, In which a woman has to travel back in a year’s time to “fix” her last Christmas. Of 2015 Just in time for Christmas There seemed to be more ghosts for the future of Christmas, where a woman is pushed forward in time to see the consequences of today’s decisions. 2016 provided another familiar title Return to Christmas.

Hallmark has packed this trope almost every holiday season. This year Nashville Christmas Carol And Christmas comes twice Both portrayed this common time-travel theme. So far, Hallmark usually repeats the films of the past year, it seems that this story has been running on the network of long time. Although the idea of ​​time travel used in Hallmark Christmas films has divided fans, the appeal of Hallmark’s Christmas film lineup is their familiarity.

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