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Halle Berry & # 39; could & # 39; appear in & # 39; Boomerang & # 39; of BET

Fans of the 1992 romantic comedy "Boomerang" looking to see the cast of the original film in the next BET series should not hold their breath.

Well, not you might See executive producer Halle Berry resuming his role. But as for all the others? We will have to wait and see, because Berry has not asked his former stars to appear in the updated version of "Boomerang" by Lena Waithe.

"You may see me at some point," Berry told reporters during the press conference of the Television Critics Association on Monday, with a bit of laughter.

"I can not speak for anyone else in the cast, I can only speak for myself," he said. "And I'm very proud of the show, and maybe she, me, can see me, for sure.

Produced by the creator of "The Chi," Waithe and Berry, the series will follow Alquino from "Everybody Hates Chris," Tequan Richmond and his co-star of "All Night," Busty Jackson, as the son and daughter respectively. the characters played by Eddie. Murphy and Robin Givens in the movie of the 90s, when they try to leave the shadows of their parents and make their own legacy.

Along with Murphy, Givens and Berry, the cast of the original film included David Alan Grier, Martin Lawrence, Grace Jones, Geoffrey Holder, Eartha Kitt, Chris Rock, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Reginald Hudlin, among many others.

Berry says he has not spoken to anyone else about the return, and told the reporters: "Lena approached me, this was her passion, she was just … she said:" I have to do this and I really want to associate with you, please & # 39; And she said: & # 39; I have to bring a modern version of this story to our people. Please do this with me. "That's all I know I did not talk to anyone else Lena approached me with her art, her passion and a real desire to do it and I said yes before I knew how any of my other castmates about this. "

Waithe, who co-wrote the pilot with executive producer / showrunner Ben Cory Jones, knows that "a lot of people are definitely asking" if the OG cast returns.

"But I always tell people, if you want to see Grace Jones, and Eartha [Kitt] – Let her rest – and Halle and Eddie and Robin, go watch the movie, "he said." If you want to see some new faces and a new version of the movie, come and see the show. "

Waithe says he expects the "Boomerang" cast to "see it and say," Oh, this is so silly, I'll make sure I'm in season 2. "

"That's a goal," he continued. "I was like," I want to do something so good that Eddie is like, "Well, yes, that's on, it's on. But I hope he knows that for me it's how we wanted to be, we wanted to LeBron James Being for the series what Michael Jordan is for the film Do you know what I'm talking about? It may not be that, but it can be seen in the way we move, the way we shoot, in the way we run, we are very inspired by those who preceded us. "

"And the reason we're all standing is because we're standing on Eddie's shoulders, the shoulders of Reginald Hudlin, the shoulders of Robin Givens, the shoulders of Halle Berry, Martin, David Alan Grier, Chris Rock, Eartha Kitt , Grace Jones. "They are standing on their shoulders," he added. "Because they really stood up, did something that nobody else was doing and we were all little fools to see how it was done," Oh, we want to be like that. when we grow up & # 39; "

Waite says "we have that booty and that confidence because they showed us how to walk".

"Boomerang" opens on Tuesday, February 12 at 10 / 9c at BET.

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